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Ads are a prime source of earning for websites and blogs. Among the various types of ads, the ads of Google AdSense are very popular and for many, they are the most profitable proposition. Google AdSense has led to many bloggers turning into millionaires and it remains a favorite of bloggers and sites. But apart from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing is also a very profitable tool to make money. In case you are wondering about the efforts, they truly have to be put in but it becomes easy with best WordPress themes for affiliates.

These themes have been crafted keeping in mind the needs and requirements of affiliate marketers. Hence, you will not feel that you are stuffing your site with unnecessary affiliate links which, if not kept in moderation, may lead to bad reputation. This, instead of bringing in profits, will boomerang and your audience will lose faith in your credentials. Well, no one wants that and this is why it is best to play safe and should we say smart? Well, of course. These affiliate themes of WordPress will take care of the balancing act and you will be free to operate as you like. So, here is a detailed post about 35 such themes. Take a look.

1. Best


Best is a stylish magazine theme coming with responsive design, fully fluid framework, incredibly fast loading time, SEO optimized code and much more. It is optimized for both, search engines as well as advertising. You can use it to earn money from affiliate marketing as well as it is fully ready for the same.

More Information: Best

2. Everest


Everest is a fresh theme with new design and top class technical features. The template suits business and travel sites best and gives you many monetization options. You can easily place the affiliate links and earn commission from the same.

More Information: Everest

3. Clock


Clock is a dual purpose magazine and WooCommerce WordPress theme. It is ideal for making business as well as hosting information. The template is suitable for posting ads as well as affiliate links. They look quite complementary along with the content and never appear redundant.

More Information: Clock

4. Magazine 2

Magazine 2

Simple, quick and easy-to-use, Magazine 2 is a latest theme that can perfectly suit your needs as an affiliate marketer. The template is fit for magazine, news sites and blogs. It carries necessary features and is also ready for customization.

More Information: Magazine 2

5. Gamers


This is a smart gaming theme with a new floating menu feature. It offers dynamic display along with space for all kinds of elements you want to put in your site. This includes affiliate links through which you can make a fine amount of commission.

More Information: Gamers

6. CookBook


Share your love for cooking with CookBook, a super star theme for food lovers and bloggers. It is very smart and understands the needs of its niche quite well. If you are looking to make money through affiliate marketing, even then it will serve you fine.

More Information: CookBook

7. Novomag


Novomag is a new-age theme with cutting-edge features and customization options. The theme is fit to serve all types of segments and you can use it to reap benefits via affiliate marketing.

More Information: Novomag

8. Video


A quick loading and engaging WordPress theme, Video is meant for moving pictures. The theme entertains your audience thoroughly and also gives you a chance to pull in cool affiliate commission. You will get great response from this template and are sure to treasure it.

More Information: Video

9. EstateMag


EstateMag is loaded with responsive design, awesome typography and fine focus on readability. This is a content-centric theme with sufficient spacing for ads and affiliate links. So, making money is pretty easy and amazing.

More Information: EstateMag

10. Deals


Deals lets you earn affiliate commission through printable coupons, coupon codes, vouchers and other promotional features. This coupon theme is a must-have for marketing affiliates who desire to capitalize on the power of this rewarding online marketing tool.

More Information: Deals

11. deFacto


deFacto is a strong news magazine WordPress theme that offers you custom widgets, page templates and post layout options. The template is a wonderful option for present-day users and fits affiliate links nicely with the content.

More Information: deFacto

12. ScoupMag


ScoupMag is a classy contemporary theme for magazine sites that is ready for ads and AdSense. It is a robust monetization tool that will also handle affiliate links with great skill. They will look every bit part of the site and get clicks as well.

More Information: Scopemag

13. Game News

Game News

Game News is a great gaming theme that keeps pace with the times. Its exclusive landing page layout makes a very compelling statement. If you want, you can also insert affiliate links and earn money in fair amount.

More Information: Game News

14. Allegro


Packed with super cool features, Allegro is a classy theme with its own Banner system, in which you can add images, text, videos or any other type of HTML code. There is great scope for affiliate marketing and you can do so without appearing to be an overt salesman.

More Information: Allegro

15. Schema


Schema, from MyThemeShop, is a quick loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme. It is very smart and optimized for search engines. In case you want to make money through affiliate links, even then the template is a suitable choice.

More Information: Schema

16. Plethora


Peppered with 6 preset styles, 89 widget positions, content animations and much more, Plethora is a very powerful theme. The template is truly content friendly and presents your content in a coherent and integrated manner. But this is not all, it is also ready to handle affiliate links.

More Information: Plethora

17. TastyFood


A Food Blogging & Lifestyle WordPress theme, TastyFood is completely professional and customizable. The template is very well crafted and here you will find enough room to adjust your affiliate links. Just try it and see for yourself.

More Information: TastyFood

18. Dealicious


Dealicious is a dynamic theme that will set your online deals site in motion just after the installation is over. It is very friendly and you can use it to make lots of money as an affiliate marketer. Visitors will come streaming, in large numbers and are sure to return as customers.

More Information: Dealicious

19. Rabat


A coupon theme, Rabat is based on the minimal design. It is completely modern and carries required features to create a profitable site. Your coupons will easily catch attention and create cool amount of commission for you.

More Information: Rabat

20. Novelty


Novelty is a crisp and feature-rich magazine WordPress theme built with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It values content as well as moneymaking. This is why you will find it very friendly with affiliate links.

More Information: Novelty

21. Logo Designer

Logo Designer

Clean, smooth and robust; Logo Designer is a responsive theme ideal for creative professionals. Its minimalist style is its USP and the other features complement it very well. It is also compatible with affiliate marketing.

More Information: Logo Designer

22. Jmax


Jmax is a content based Blog, Magazine and Review WordPress theme. It is very stylish and flexible with all the options to hold affiliate links and earn commission. Do check it once.

More Information: Jmax

23. InTouch


Possessing new BootStrap framework, post format support, responsive design, unlimited background colors and lots more, InTouch is a theme you will be proud to possess. The template provides you tons of options to manage and modify any aspect of the theme, without getting your hands dirty with code. It will also go well with affiliate marketers.

More Information: InTouch

24. Xmax


Xmax is a magazine WordPress theme also suitable for web stores. This clean and modern theme gives great highlight to your content as well as affiliate ads. The ads will easily blend with the entire layout and also prove to be profitable.

More Information: Xmax

25. Traction


Traction is a distinct theme made for car enthusiasts and garage websites. Its custom features are sufficient to help you earn name, fame and money. Affiliate marketing will easily gel with its DNA.

More Information: Traction

26. Salvatore


Salvatore is a modern Business Directory theme that comes with the potential to make you a millionaire. The template has enough space to hold affiliate links and adds to the monetization capacity of the template.

More Information: Salvatore

27. Grid-Commerce


Want to make money through a web store? Grid-Commerce is here. This is a clean and minimal template with mobile friendly design that will also do well as an affiliate marketing option. You will like it greatly and the template will serve you quite well.

More Information: Grid-Commerce

28. Avenue


Avenue offers you a modern box styled layout along with many other contemporary features. The template will make you fall for it just after the demo and you will like it all the more, after you find it aligned with affiliate marketing.

More Information: Avenue

29. Traveller


Traveller is for travel bloggers and travel websites. The theme is very nicely designed and gives enough breathing space to all the elements of your site. You can also fit affiliate links with it and get beneficial results.

More Information: Traveller

30. TechSavvy


Remarkable for its speed and SEO optimization, TechSavvy is a super modern theme. It is well aware of affiliate marketing and can give cool highlight to your affiliate links. They will get clicks and in turn, wield commission.

More Information: TechSavvy

31. Fatima


Fatima is your ideal WordPress blog/magazine theme. It has got a rich arsenal of contemporary features and offers full support to Google ads. And if you want to get backing as an affiliate, then also the template is ready.

More Information: Fatima

32. Implicit


Implicit is a fast and fabulous Magazine theme. Its full-screen layout is well-supported by modern features and customization options. Among these, support for affiliate marketing also finds presence and you can easily make money.

More Information: Implicit

33. AquaMag


AquaMag is an advanced magazine WordPress theme with unique, modern and fully responsive design. Its features are very friendly and if you want to insert affiliate links, you can easily do so.

More Information: AquaMag

34. Locations


Locations is a cool Directory theme. Its nice design is well framed by competent features. You will gain full control over your site and many monetization options. This is inclusive of modules to perform as an affiliate marketer.

More Information: Locations

35. NewsTimes


NewsTimes packs beauty and content in very fine proportion. The template is optimized for ads and if you want you will also do well as an affiliate marketer. You will retain the seriousness of your site and also look good along with gaining good commission as an affiliate.

More Information: NewsTimes

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