Tutorial for Developing an Effective E-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce website has now become the huge platform for online trading, where buyers purchase the products by going to the site and place the order with a few clicks. With such simplicity and fast delivery e-commerce has achieved lots of appreciation around the world. Many new small and large-scale industries are planning to foray into building online shopping malls. To help some beginners and webmasters, this blog is presenting  important points to be remembered while developing a web store.

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Below are some tips to be followed for designing a successful E-Commerce  site:

Focus on User Experience  

The User Experience (UX) is one of the major aspects to be kept in mind, while designing any site. The UX encompasses the mechanism that visitors follow while exploring the web store.  If it is difficult to operate the site or site takes lots of loading time then it will become the reason for buyers to go to different site. It is necessary that the user interface should be smartly designed so that User Experience is good.


Adopt Simple Navigation Structure

Navigation simplifies the path of visitors to go to the concerned web page. This can only be possible, if it is used effectively and correctly. The labeling of navigation should be unambiguous and it should direct to all the important pages of the website.


Embed Various Filter Options 

Filter technique assists in exploring the product easily. It will be good, when the filter function is implemented with various options on the basis of product’s aspects such as brand name, type of product, model number or price range. This method makes easier for the buyer to select and compare the products.

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Include the contact details

The contact details such as email, address and phone number is included so that customer can ask any support. There should be query form that processes any type of query related e-commerce site. This method will give the great reputation to your site. The grievance form should be included to know what the customer wants and secondly, it will better to have the feedback form to understand the rating of the site.


Use Properly Structured Checkout Form

The checkout form should be implemented very clearly and easy to use. It should not confuse buyers and distract them to use another site. The checkout form should show all the details such as the number of order, what the products include and lots more. The shopping cart should always be shown at the top side so that buyer can easily update or check the order while purchasing.


Implement advance Security System

The architecture of the security should be highly integrated. As we know that, while doing online purchasing, each and every detail regarding customer, transaction and products are vulnerable. Security certificate should be displayed so that visitors can trust the site. It is made sure that no financial information must be breached.



The above-mentioned tips should be taken care of for effective e-commerce site. Hope that you understand the basic strategies to be adopted in web store developing. It is guaranteed that you will get the favorable outcomes. If you find any confusion or missing any important point then, please share that through the comment section given below.

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