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Drupal: Can’t delete Sites folder (Solved)


ey there everyone. So I have ran across this problem multiple times. The problem is whenever I install Drupal everything is alright but when it is time to delete it everything deletes correctly besides the sites folder. Many of you are probably wondering why you can't delete Sites folder(Drupal)? Well in today's quick tip I will explain how you can delete the Drupal sites folder and hopefully helps you avoid this problem in the future.

Future of web design: What’s in it for designers in the near future

I have seen and heard many designers talk about the future of web design and it seems many designers and developers are frustrated with whats currently going on in the web design world. In this article I will give my opinion on where I think web design will be in the near future.

45 Resources & Tutorials for designers and developers

In this Article we have listed 43 tutorial/Resources for designers and developers that you might find useful. After this post you should be ahead in the web development field. Enjoy