Maximize the Potential of your Content Strategy with Editorial Calendar

The first thing you require to maintain a worthy online presence is quality content. In the absence of the same you might just have to struggle to generate leads. Editorial calendar is one such tool that helps to efficiently plan and implement an effective content strategy that enhances the generation of quality content.

With an editorial calendar you can not only maximize the potential of your content strategy but can also ensure great online presence. To maximize your reach with an editorial calendar, certain facts should always be kept in your mind.

Basic Facts

Based on your content strategy you should prioritize the content that is to be updated in the editorial calendar. This can include the content that is yet to be published and the existing content that needs to be reproduced to increase the reach and effectiveness.

In addition you need to identify each team member in advance to perform tasks such as writer, editor, proof reader, publisher of content, etc.

Focus on Content Basics

As you build your editorial calendar, you need to consider the content that will go into your editorial calendar. The content can include blog posts, articles, slideshows and videos.

Quality: The first step is to determine the amount of content needed for the content cycle. In case you are creating a quarterly editorial calendar, you need to focus on how many posts you will be creating during a quarter and accordingly design your editorial calendar.

Quantity: You also need to consider the quality of matter that will appeal your readers. You need to understand this aspect before building your editorial calendar.

Organize your Content: Organize your editorial calendar in such a manner that it provides you a clear overview of the content production process. You need to focus on tentative title of content, target keywords and tags.

While you are going through the task of filling in the content you will be able to derive ideas that can further be covered in the next editorial calendar.

Using Editorial Calendar offered by Betaout

ContentCloud offered by Betaout is a highly evolved editorial team and content management SaaS solution. It offers a robust editorial calendar for mapping relevant and compelling content. You can easily tailor it to keep your team informed and to update their work plan. This enhances the efficiency of collaborative team planning. It helps you to be accountable to dates and concepts decided by you in advance.

Betaout automates the entire content production process and helps reduce brain racking through its editorial calendar and thereby maximizes the content production process. The users do not need to switch between different software’s to distribute and publish posts as is the case with Google docs where the user needs to input every single detail to keep a track of the progress of each article.

The editorial calendar offered by Betaout has one principle calendar that provides the user an instant overview of the planned content, which is divided in weekly or on monthly basis. Editorial calendar here displays information about the in progress, due date, publishing date, pending review and overdue dates tagged in different colors. The user can easily filter the desired information by selecting the required option.

Design an intelligent editorial calendar such that your tasks get easier to manage. Following the above steps will help you come up with an effective editorial calendar that will help you maximize your endeavors. Go for it and realize the benefits.

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