WordPress multisite: How to run more than one blog on one wordpress installation

If you’re a theme creator or an individual looking to run more then one wordpress blog without creating a new database every time then you’ve found the right quick tip. WordPress mu is now built into wordpress 3.0 core so you do not have to install wpmu anymore to run multiple blogs.

Place the code below into your wp-config.php file. Code can be placed anywhere within the file.

After you have successfully copy and pasted the code into the wp-config.php file then go to your wordpress admin panel>>Tools>>Network. Then follow the instructions.

Note: When wordpress ask you to create a blogs.dir do not create a .php file. Create a folder and name it blogs.dir. Now you should be able to run multiple wordpress websites within the one wordpress installation. Also this is great for people who run theme websites or create themes because they can have many demos and have many setups using one installation. Hope you’ve enjoyed this quicktip.

Joe Granados the author

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  1. Dude, I didn’t know you can even do that on WP, I usually install a fresh WP in a different directory when I want to play with a new theme. Your site’s quite a read. Lot’s of stuff here that is not found in my usual hangout on the web, mostly design sites… I’m going to be coming back a lot. Found you on FB by the way… Cheers, and congratz!

  2. Whitney says:

    If I have multiple clients who want sites, is this the way to go?

    I have a WP blog and just picked up a client who wants one too.
    There seems to be a lot of material out about what to do in this situation.


  3. Frank Filler says:

    Thanks for the tip. I am still strugling with installing and activating my mulitsite blog. I had someone install and setup for me a multisite wp site.
    I got the main site working fine. When I tried to install a subdomian site within the super admin menu, the subdomain always brought me an erro page ” This page may by broken. Sฦฐggestion…………….” Do I add something to a WP directory in the hosting site ?

    • study says:

      When installing wordpress multisite do we have to install another database for it. If yes then how can we do it using phpmyadmin

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