How smartly to fix 404 errors in WordPress

A 404 error is essentially HTTP status code which usually means that the page which the user is trying to access on a particular website is no longer available on the server. However, a  404 error that usually arises from the user’s side only. This means that the user has typed the wrong URL. In some other situations, the page might have been removed from the website.

Fixing the 404 Not Found Errors

1)  Refreshing the page

You can retry loading the web page by pressing in F5. Alternatively you can click the reload or refresh button. The user can also try the URL from address bar again. However, it might be noted that at times the 404 Not Found errors might crop up without any real issue. The problem in these cases can be fixed by refreshing the page and this might help solve the problem.

2)  Checking for errors in URL

At times, the error appears as the URL was typed in a wrong manner. Sometimes the link that was clicked links further to wrong URL. To tide over any such issue, the user needs to move up one directory level in the URL till the time you come across something worthwhile. This can be well understood with an example.

Suppose a website as  points out to 404 Not Found error, you will need to move to  If no result comes up here, you will need to move upto

If you try this measure, you will be able to get the desired result. In case, the desired results are not available the user will get to know that the page is no longer available.

3.) Searching the page on popular search engines

You can search for the page on popular search engines like Google. It might happen that you could have typed in the wrong URL. By searching the same on search engines as Google and Bing, you will not only save precious time but may also be able to come across the appropriate website that you might be searching for.

Still if you are not able not find the page that you are searching for, you should update the bookmark. This will help you to avoid any kind of HTTP 404 errors in future also.

4.) Clear the browsers cache

You might need to clear your browsers cache occasionally. At times it might happen that one is able to reach a particular URL from the phone’s browser but the same might not be available when you check the same website on your tablet or computer. In such a situation, you will need to clear the browsers cache to tide over the problem.

5.) Changing the DNS servers

You might need to change the DNS servers used by the computer in question. This needs to be done only if the website gives you a 404 error. You will need to change the DNS server also if the website is being accessed by those on other networks ie the users mobile phone network.

However, it is noteworthy here that 404 is not too common on an entire website unless the website is monitored or censored by the government. Irrespective of the reason, opting for changing the DNS server is a worthy suggestion that might help you get over the problem in all its likelihood.

6.) Contacting the website administrator

If after trying all the above listed measures, you are not able to achieve the desired results, the next better alternative is to get in touch with the website directly. The administrator of the website is the best person to contact to discuss the problem in detail.

In situations when the website has removed the page, the 404 error is legitimate and the administrator is likely to tell you about the same. It might happen that the page has been moved away by the website administrator and therefore points out to 404 errors, all the time. The website administrator in all its likelihood will inform you about the same and tell you about ways of tiding over the problem.

You can conduct a WHOIS search by using the website’s domain name. The same needs to be used as the search term and will help you gain access to contact information. In some situations the WHOIS search is on minimal help and you will need to reach the website via the email route. If everything fails, you can search for the website administrator through the social media route also.

Check out the above listed tips and you will be able to fix 404 Not Found Errors.

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