Create a Retro Design Poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a retro style poster. This is not an advance tutorial but you should have basic knowledge of photoshop. If you do not then you should still be fine. Sorry about the image quality.

Step 1

Create new document 1280px x 1000px 72dpi. Background Color #000(Black)
Create new document

Step 2

Go to Filter>>Noise>>Add Noise. Amount:7.16% Distribution:Gaussian
Add Noise

Step 3

Select the rectangle tool color:#3f3f72. Create a rectangle size dose not matter.
Create Rectangle

Step 4

Now we will duplicate the layer and change the color 3 times. 2nd Color:#5a1e7d , 3rd Color:#aa0f80 , 4th Color:#fe34a6.
Create 4 Rectangles

Step 5

After you have duplicated the layers in step 4 you will now merge the layers together. Unselect the background layer and right click on a layer and select Merge Visible.
Merge Layers

Step 6

Ok Now lets select our merge layer now and change the layer opacity to 40%.
layer opacity

Note: We will duplicate our retro lines quite often so be prepared!

Step 7

Duplicate the retro lines layer and make the first retro lines layer invisible. Now lets start making our lines. Press CTRL + T, or go to Edit>>Free Transform and stretch retro lines across screen diagonal.

Step 8

Now lets make our invisible retro lines layer visible and duplicate the layer so you will have another copy of it.
Copy layer repeat

Step 9

Now this is the fun and maybe confusing part but I will try my best to explain everything. Drag your copied retro line layer aside of the first layer
First Layer/></p> <p>Now to go <b>Edit>>Transform>>Warp</b><br /> <img src=

Then go to Edit>>Transform>>Warp

Now you should see a menu in the top left corner of photoshop. Select the drop down menu and choose Fish

Step 10

Repeat the last step and select the one that suits you best. I used fish for my last one.
View example

Note: For the next step I used special space brushes. You can download them here!(Look at the top left for a download link)

Step 11

Now Lets add a little bit of space dust to our image. Select the brush tool Color:#661542, then select the nebula 6 brush.
Nebula Brush

Now make two splats going diagonal or shall I say space dust.
Space Dust

Step 12

Now Lets add some cool retro text to our wallpaper. Select the text tool Color:#fff, Size:150px, font:AvantGarde-Demi, if you do not have that font Arial works fine. Now type whatever you would like.

Step 13

After you have successfully entered your desired text right click on the text layer>>Blend options>>Drop Shadow. Copy Drop shadow settings.
Drop Shadow settings

Now select Outer glow. Copy Outer Glow Settings
Outer Glow settings

Now selectGradient Overlay. Copy Gradient Overlay settings
Gradient Overlay settings

Double click on the gradient bar. Left Color:#661542 , Right Color:#291832
Gradient Overlay settings

Now selectStroke. Copy Stroke settings
Stroke settings

Step 14

You should now have something like this.
Text Example

Step 15

Now to add the 3D Effect to our text. Duplicate the text layer in move it to the right a bit and you should have a 3d effect.
3d text

From here you could add more splats and space effects but I will stop here. I hope this tutorial was useful. Please link your final result. It will be quite exciting to see what you have come up with.

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    • Marcell says:

      Yes If you have your image selected and go to Edit>>Transform>>Warp there should be a menu that pops up in the upper left hand corner that says custom, select the drop down and select fish. I will go in and add some steps because That was not explain clearly. Check back in a bit

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