Create a fancy neon text effect in photoshop

Create a fancy neon text effect using adobe photoshop. This tutorial is very short but the outcomes looks sweet!

Step 1

Create new document 1280px x 700px 72dpi. Background color:#000
Create new document

Step 2

Now we will add a brick wall to our image. Google search for a brick wall images, there are many to choose from. Once you have brick wall image go to Image>>Adjustment>>Brightness/Contrast and adjust image color until it is kinda dark.
Adjust color


Step 3

Select the brush tool then select the blur edge paint brush and create a circle leaving the inside empty.
Select blur brush

You should now have a black hole with a small blur around the hole like in the example below.
Hole example

Step 4

Now We will add a silhouette to our background. Google search silhouette and choose any silhouette. When you have the right silhouette drag image into photoshop.

Note: If image has white background select the Magic Eraser Tool(Press B to select Magic Eraser Tool ).

Step 5

Next we will create our elegant text effect. Select the type tool Font Type: Amienne, size:225px, Color:#ff2fcc( Font can be downloaded from here).

Type any word you desire. I will use Webdevtuts.
text tool

Step 6

Now we will make our text glossy and worth looking at. Right click on text layer>>Blending options>>Drop Shadow. Copy settings below
Drop Shadow settings

Copy Outter Glow Settings. Color:#ff029e
Outter Glow settings

Copy Bevel and Emboss Settings
Bevel and Emboss settings

Copy Gradient overlay settings Glow Settings
Gradient overlay settings

Double click on the gradient color bar, Left Color: #ff2fcc, Right Color: #ff74dd,
Gradient overlay color

Copy stroke Settings
Stroke settings

You should now have a glossy text effect. To give it that feel I’ve added the word now open. You can accomplish that by duplicating the first test layer and changing the font color and size. Well that’s about it I hope you all succeeded with this tutorial.

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    Hi very good example, missing font, you can not make some examples of animals and objects in neon piccolo I have a menu bar but I do want everything in neon photos and lyrics by

    sorry I do not speak or write English

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