Create a elegant wordpress theme design using photoshop

Step 1

Create new document 1360px x 1500px 72dpi. Background color: #000, ( Black )
Create new document

Note: Width is 960px out 1360. Leaving 200px on each side. So What I am saying is leave 200px space on both sides of your layer and the middle should come out to 960px.

Step 2

Select the paint brush( select brush with blur edges ) tool and create 4 circles. Circle 1:#308fab, Circle 2:#3f2e49, Circle 3:#58303d, Circle 4:#78372e,
Paint brush

Step 3

Now Lets stretch our image. Go to edit>>free transform and make image bigger. Then move image upward when completed
Stretch downward

Step 4

Ok so we will now add a nice effect to our background. Select on layer with four colors and go to Filter>>Noise>>Add Noise.
Add noise

Amount:30%, Distribution:Gaussian, and select Monochromatic.
Noise Settings

Step 5

Go to Filter>>Blur>>Motion Blur
Select Motion Blur

Angle:90, Distance:225.
Motion Blur Settings

Step 6

Now select the rectangle tool and create a rectangle at the very top ( About 50px high ) and change the layer opacity to 35%
Rectangle tool/box

Note: Whenever I create dummy links I always have links on one text line so once you have the type tool selected Double click and one line should appear then type the words.

Select the type tool and create 4 links. Home, About, Contact, Services. ( 4 spaces after each word, hit spacebar 4 times after you type a word that way you do not have to make individual links.

Step 7

Now we will create a search form. Select the rectangle tool Color:#232224, then draw a box across the top right leaving room for a button. Then add the following text,Looking for something
create search form

For our search button select the rounded rectangle tool and create a small rectangle to the right of our search form background.
Search Button

Now right click on search button layer>>Blending Options>>Gradient overlay.

Left color:#040404 , Right color:#292928;

Now let’s add the following text to our search button. Search
Search BTN

Step 8

Select the rectangle tool Color:#000. Now create a box 960px across the layout and about 325px height. Then change the layer opacity to 35%
Featured box

Step 9

Now lets add a featured image, width:590px x height:295px;
Featured Image

Step 10

Select the type tool. Now you create a heading title of your own or use my current heading title.Font:Size:23px, Arial, Bold.
Create heading

Then create an post information link. Select the type tool and type the following.Posted by Marcell on 10.16.09 in Tutorials
Post Information Look

Now write the excerpt. I used dummy text. Google search Lorem Ispum

Step 11

Now we will create a button. Select the rectangle tool Color:#000; Now draw a rectangle button. Right click on layer>>Blending options>>Gradient Overlay Left Color:#1b1b1b,Right color:#0e0e0e
create button

Duplicate the button layer. Then select the paint bucket tool ,Color:#373737, and fill the second black layer button.
grey button

Duplicate the first button layer. You should have 2 black button layers and 1 grey button layer.
3 buttons

Move buttons close together to give it that illusional look. ( zoom in to get best results )
3 buttons
btn example

Step 12

Select the type tool and type following.Read More. Font: Myraid pro, 29px, bold,. Now right click on text layer>>blending options>>Inner Shadow then copy current settings.
Copy current settings

Step 13

Select the rectangle tool, color:#000, Then create a rectangle under featured section to bottom. Layer opacity 35%.
Create Main background

Step 14

Now we will create our post area. First thing we will create are our thumbnails. Create a thumbnail Width:275px height:164px,
Create Thumbnail

then right click on thumbnail layer>>Blending options>>Stroke.
Add a stroke

Note:I do not cover the post area as well since it is the same as the featured area

Step 15

Copy current post area from image below. It is almost the same as the featured box. You can do it champ!. For the line I used the line tool, 1px Color:#3b2221
Create Post

Step 16

Duplicate post area 3 times.
Duplicate post area

Step 17

Now we will create our sidebar. Google search rss icons( Icon used in tutorial is from Wefunction ) Then place a rss button at the top of the sidebar. Now select the type tool in type the following, Subscribe Rss | Email | Feed. Font Arial, 15px, bold
Sidebar rss

Step 18

Now we will add some sidebar widgets to our layout. Duplicate the read more button from the featured box and change the text to Sponsors. Drag box down to sidebar. Now Google search 125 ads or create your own and place it into the layout.
Sponsor widget

Step 19

Duplicate the the read more button once more and change the font to Popular post. Then select the text tool and create a heading( Font: Arial, 14px, bold ). Then create a description for
the post or known as the excerpt( Font: Arial, 10px ). Select the line tool Color:#3b2221 and create a line that separates each post. Once you have the first popular post article completed duplicate the group 2 times.
Popular post

Step 20

For our last and final direction we will add a copyright to the bottom of our website mockup.

Final Image

Congratulations! You have finished this tutorial. I hope everything was clear and that you understood this tutorial.

Joe Granados the author

Joe Granados is the owner of WebDevTuts. He is also a web designer & developer who loves to design and develop websites. If you're looking for him you can find him via @webdevtuts
  1. Tim says:

    This is a photoshop tutorial on how to design a wordpress page. What would be more beneficial is to take this tutorial one step further and break it down step by step and code it into a real wordpress theme. Now THAT would be a beneficial tutorial! Think I might have to make it because these are very lacking.

    • Marcell says:

      I’ve already created a tutorial called psd to wordpress and that helps beginners create a website in photoshop then code it to html and finally take it to the next level in code it into a working wordpress theme. Look around the site I’m sure you will find it 🙂

  2. Hey
    Thanks for putting it together clearly – well done and much appreciated! In concert with the psd to wordpress and a few of your tricks I think I’ll have some fun customizing my site! Finally it makes sense! he he!

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