Create a clean elegant glass like typography wallpaper in photoshop

So I was messing around and Photoshop and decided that I needed a tutorial for you Webdevians and came up with something that you all might love. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a very simple but clean glass like typography wallpaper. This tutorial should take no longer then 5-10 minutes so if you have the time why not give it a shot.

Things you need

Step 1

Create a new document width:1000px x height:631px background #000000
Create a New Document

Step 2

Select the type tool font:sansserifexbflfcond(medium), size:200px, color:#ff9700, smooth. Now select the Character Panel or go to Window>>Character and change the text Tracking to -60(Text tracking goes from left to right). Then write a word that you would like to use. I’ve chosen Webdevtuts.
write your own words

Double click on the text layer or right click>>blending options. Select color overlay and change the color to #1b1b1b. Then select stroke, size: 1, position: outside, blend mode:normal, opacity:100, fill type:color, color; #b4b4b4
Write own words settings


Step 3

Duplicate the text layer then right click>>blending options. Now click on gradient options. blendmodenormal, opacity:100, Gradient(Double click on the gradient bar, left color:#adadad, right color:#ffffff), style:linear, angle:90, scale:100
Duplicate Text


Step 4

Select the rounded rectangle tool color:#5f5f5f then draw a circle under your typography.
Create Circle

Then go to Filter>>blur>>Guassian blur 90px.
guassian blur

Step 5

Select the rounded rectangle tool color:#151515 and draw a rectangle under your text(Make sure it goes into the black on both sides). Then go to Filter>>blur>>Guassian blur 5px.

Step 6

Duplicate the text layer then create a new group then add the text layer to the group. Right click on the group>>merge group. Go to Edit>>transform>>Flip Vertical. Then drag the vertical text downward until its under the original text.
Duplicate Text

Now select the rounded blur eraser tool and erase the bottom text until you have that reflection look. Might take of couple of tries but you’ll get it.

Step 7

Select the rounded rectangle tool color: #ffffff, and create a circle on top of your text leaving some of the bottom area untouched.

Now change the layer opacity to 10%.

Step 8

Select the custom shape tool>>Triangle and create a triangle over the text. Try to have it so the triangle is within the glow with just did in the previous step.

Now go to filter>>blur>>Guassian blur. Set the blur to 80. Then change the layer opacity to 80. You’re now done and should have a nice elegant glass looking text typography.

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