45 Resources & Tutorials for designers and developers

In this Article we have listed 43 tutorial/Resources for designers and developers that you might find useful. After this post you should be ahead in the web development field. Enjoy

Freelancing: The truth about bidding websites

When first starting off freelancing you feel excited and anxious about being your own boss. You start off and things are going your way. You've taken on a couple of projects and now see that freelancing is right for you(Quick read)

Get your latest twitter updates without using a plugin

I know there are many plugins out there that are capable of grabbing your twitter feed, but what if you do not want to use a plugin? Today I have come across a line of code that contains pure JavaScript and HTML and will grab your twitter feed.

Quick Tip: How to target IE browsers using conditional stylesheets

Internet Explore (IE) can be very annoying if you're coding a website in Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari. As you may all know IE has many problems when it comes to designing and creating a website.