Using Pinterest to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social network sites on the internet. Two years ago, it broke all records by signing up 10 million plus users in the shortest amount of time. The latest demographic indicates that over 80% of its users are between 18 and 40 years, providing a great consumer market for most businesses.

Today, the society is rapidly becoming image-driven, attributed to the fact that the internet is a huge warehouse of information and with time, we have become overwhelmed by words. Pictures are less talk, and more fun, and as a business owner, you should be at per with this technological advancement in your industry and use Pinterest to generate more leads to your website for greater success. Here are some of the ways that you can use this social network to get more traffic:

1. Pin your Blog images

As a business owner, you must have a blog, and every time you post your blog content, pin an image from the post to your Pinterest profile. This picture will be linked directly to your blog and serve as a way of generating more interest in the content – meaning more traffic.

Try posting other images too such as your office buildings, business events and any of your staff to generate interest in what your business is all about. Such photos help in giving your business a human face, hence making potential consumers feel connected to it. Consumers like to have an inside look at a business and this can help greatly in driving traffic to your website and score more new customers.

2. Engage with Your Followers More

Once you have started building your followers on Pinterest, it is very important that you actively engage with them in order to convert them into your customers. With time, you will notice many new followers, and if you note one or see someone linking or re-pinning some pin(s) you posted, ensure you respond kindly. Choosing to ignore them will most likely make them lose interest in you and your business too.

Pinterest allows you and your consumers a unique way to interact and it takes just a few minutes of your time. Learn to appreciate your followers by thanking them in order to retain them and attract more potential customers.

3. Create Pinterest Descriptions

Brevity is very essential when using Pinterest. It is essential that you write a description of any image you share with your followers. It is not necessarily a headline but similar to it. You want to use the description to capture the attention of your followers so that they can re-pin it or have higher chances of going viral. Use words that express benefit or an emotion in some way to get them click on the link. So, share one or two sentences that describe an image, but leave out some of the details so your followers’ can use their imagination.

4. Look for influential Pinners to follow

There are chances that, there are other business owners in your niche using Pinterest just like you as a marketing tool. Look for these influential niche users and follow them. For instance, for if you are in home décor niche, you can follow Nester. This way, the people following those businesses will find a way to you, and your traffic will increase tremendously. This is not only one of the most basic things that you should do to increase traffic to your website, but also helps you to gain access to many influential businesses and their audiences.

5. Hold contests

Many businesses are starting to offer their Pinterest followers and fans contests. If you are in a niche that really thrives on Pinterest (such as retail), this can be a great way to generate traffic to your website, particularly if the contest is actually on your site – you merely have to promote it on Pinterest. Alternatively, you can offer them special discounts on some of your products or services via Pinterest to increase traffic to your website and gain other customers. Your discounts or contests can be re-pinned by your followers especially if they are enjoyable.

Pinterest is growing at an unprecedented rate, and as a business, you need to act quickly and establish yourself to get to the top. Pinterest provides a fantastic platform to promote your products and services especially as it is an image-based social network. While there are other ways to generate traffic to your website, these five methods are arguably the most effective, and with these tactics, your business will see an increase in traffic – without fail.

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Rex White has been involved in online marketing and web development for 8 years and contributes to an online marketing blog, with his latest guide being ‘How to get more likes on Facebook.

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