Paid traffic source Vs Natural traffic

Today, you can find every Tom, Dick and Harry use search engines to research about anything he buys online or offline. You may find the skills to search anything online very much convenient wherein the site ranks higher over the search results could make or mar the point of your trade. The online marketing is one of the vital processes, which people target in order to prosper their business keywords over the search results. The placement of the rankings simply relies over the keywords or key phrases being searched over the popular search engines. If you really want to understand the most of the online marketing procedures, it is vital to understand different forms of traffic sources. This can help you a lot in embarking the right online marketing strategy. There are two types of traffic sources – the paid traffic and the natural traffic, let’s compare have the overview of the same.

The paid traffic source 

This type of traffic simply refers to the people who visit any website owing to the clicking of the ads. Whenever you are searching for something over the web, you can find certain ads pertaining to your query, which when people click reaches out to your site. Such kinds of traffic are really very much costly and usually run over the PPC (Pay Per Click) basis. The demerit of this process is that once your daily budget is consumed, your ads would not be shown to the target audience.

The purpose: The paid traffic is usually consumed for branding, for particular product placements and also meant for giving direct exposure to people who search things online using relevant keywords or phrases. You have the option of buying traffic from genuine places, which can send out thousands of targeted visitors to your website for cheaper prices than the PPC option.

Now how to use it: As organic traffic could take loads of time (months and even years) to give you the result, so as per the competitiveness of your business niche, the very best option for you could be to opt for the paid traffic. Developing ads on particular search terminologies will simply help you give visibility over the first page of your search results.

Natural traffic source 

Call it natural or organic traffic is referred to the people who are seen naturally searching out for anything online. This kind of traffic can be called as the goldmine for online marketers as the people you get are too genuine to give you direct benefit. The real objective of online marketing is to make your site visible or rank you better over the search engines as people type keywords or phrases related to your niche area. One of the key reasons why you find this type of traffic source is so popular is just because it comes for free. Every single day you have millions of people seen searching for different things online. If you are able to rank your site properly, you end up adding revenue in your wallet.

Ways to use it: Though the natural traffic is among the most popular option for the online marketers to opt yet it is among the toughest one to secure. The only reason behind this is that the search engines have developed extremely good playing field for different niche areas and industry. For instance, if you embark with a brand new site over the web say for example for your insurance company and now you want people to visit your company website. For this you start doing the online marketing thing and as you know this industry is extremely competitive and you have other bigger insurers been on the web landscape, it would be rather tough to get the required traffic in shorter duration. Perhaps you will take months to get the tangible amount of traffic via natural sources.

A majority of online marketers feel that a well established website can get good natural traffic in a shorter duration, however, this is not often true but seldom can be seen working out. The best way to get the natural traffic comes via marketing and targeting the unique keywords. You may not be able to beat the bigger insurance companies but you have the option of beating them on new set of keywords and phrases. The moot idea here is that the online marketing simply revolves around keywords daily, while one of the best ways to find natural traffic is by understanding the way to target these keywords. The unique and long tailed keywords at this juncture can really work wonder.

Wrapping up

The bottom line therefore for any successful online marketer is to rely on both the types of traffic as per your demands and requirements. The paid sources can be effective in a shorter run, while you can certainly consider the natural traffic on a longer run. As you know, the different types of traffic sources can really play a vital role in any online marketing process and the only mantra for success is to tap both of them to get traffic for your website here.

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