4 Main Pitfalls Responsible for Fruitless Content Marketing Campaign

This is pretty much a step by step guide for both professionals and newbies on what not to do when executing internet marketing campaigns.

If you are a program leader, ask yourself whether you sailing in the direction of failure with your existing content marketing campaign? Are you missing something out?

Even if you are a small business, an individual or even a specialized content marketing agency, in order to generate leads, enhance traffic and drive sales, you will have to be very specific and cut throat with you content marketing strategy. We have found some common blunders people often make and end up with unsuccessful marketing campaign. In addition to that, we’ve also discussed some effective ways to prevent them…

Attempting to Master all Social Networks

With Social Media Marketing (SMM), one can get valuable feedback directly from readers and customers. Your readers can discuss several issues, make questions and get connected to the businesses. When you try to use all networks in social media at once, you may actually affect your messages and content quality adversely. Each social media network is designed to fulfill different needs. Though being active on all social media accounts feels tempting, it is not a fruitful strategy in all cases, especially when you don’t have enough manpower and time to drive satisfactory and shining online presence.

What to Do?

Target only couple of social media sites which are more relevant to your niche (according to your marketing goals and business specifics).

Keep functional elements in mind related to targeted social media networks. For instance, Twitter can be used for ecommerce site to provide customer support, Pinterest to enhance visual engagement and Facebook to promote your business.


Website is Not According to What Your Visitors Expect

Website development needs commitment to work and consistency if you want your online business to thrive with higher search engine ranks. An internet marketing campaign is based on enhance conversions and page views. You may doom your campaign to failure if you don’t keep your website up-to-date.

What to Do?

Try to enhance user experience and design elements.

Always inspect the visitors’ interaction with webpages.

Check if there is any problem in your offer. Sometimes offers are not attractive enough to drive sales.

Lack of Consistency 

When consistency and attention of website owners are missing in their marketing campaigns, the number of visits is also declined with time.

What to Do?

You have to be regular on your social media networks. Your target audience won’t follow you if you last tweeted several months ago on Twitter.

Is your fan base not increasing faster? Don’t lose your heart. Add variations in your content and evaluate when, what and where you need to publish.

You Focus More on SEO than Content Quality 

Though giving proper time on on-page SEO and keyword research is important, you should concentrate more on quality of content.

Things to Do

Try to make your site interesting so that your visitors can become repeat customers.

Keep navigation as simple as possible and ensure that anyone can find their desired content with ease.

Make your website helpful and useful in a way that visitors come and spend a lot of their time.

Avoid any HTML errors on your website.

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