3 Excellent Ways to Sell Online

Selling your handmade and unique items is easier now than it ever has been thanks to the Internet. Selling online saves you time and money that you would otherwise spend in setting up a physical shop and can help you reach a wider selection of consumers; you can even sell all over the world. This is a great time to be an independent, online shop, but it can be overwhelming when you take a look at all that is offered. You may also be worried about getting customers in your shop. Let’s look at some ways in which you can bring in customers and have a successful online business.

1. Sponsoring Websites

A major way you can sell online and promote your shop is by sponsoring a handful of websites each month. Many of these websites will not charge much for sponsorship and are only looking for support to keep their page up and running. Most sites will do monthly promotions of their sponsors and will encourage readers to shop with them. A great way to encourage readers to shop with you is to offer discount codes for readersof whichever site you are sponsoring. When consumers see “10-20% off” deals, they are more likely to come to your shop and purchase many items. It saves them some money while making you more money than if you had not sponsored the site. An important aspect of sponsorship to remember is to make sure you are bringing in more revenue than you are paying a site. You do not want to spend more money than you are making (this important for the success of any business).

2. Social Media is a Perfect Way to Sell Online

This is an important aspect to online sellers and buyers. Social media brings in many customers for online businesses and is a great way for a company to interact with their consumers. If you are unfamiliar with any social media site, now is the time to do your research. The most popular social media source is Facebook with millions and billions of users worldwide. This is excellent for online shops as it can bring it shoppers from all over the world. Physical shops are limited to selling only to the people who live in the area or who are visiting. In fact, many physical shops are moving to an online only format because it is cheaper and they can sell to more people within their home country, as well as the world. Let’s take a moment to unpack available social media sites that will benefit your online shop:

  • Facebook. As stated above, this is the most popular social site out there and you are probably already familiar with this format. This is a great way to share longer content and provides the ability for customers to leave reviews. You can sell your items on your personal page, but it is wiser to sell from a specific Facebook page that you create.
  • Twitter. This format is great for micro blogging or smaller forms of content sharing. It is also a great way to interact with customers. Twitter gives the appearance of being more personal and makes customers feel as if they are friends with those who run the company.
  • Pinterest. This newer platform has recently taken off and is quite a successful format for many online shops. It enables people to “pin” items from a website onto a “board,” sharing their interests with followers. You can utilize this by making your products pin-able, as well as hosting DIY projects or things that will help generate interest in your company.
  • Daily Deals (Groupon and Living Social).These sites offer excellent deals to subscribers and reach a wide variety of people on different web platforms. Many companies notice a tremendous increase in sales if they use sites like these to promote their products. Customers tend to buy more than the offered deal and many will shop at your online store again in the future. This is a great way to sell online and increase your shop’s revenue.

3. All-in-One Platforms Are Helpful for Organization

Focusing only on social media or sponsorship sales might hinder the amount of revenue the company brings in. All-in-one website platforms are very helpful for shops to stay organized and provide customers with one central shop location. This will help customers remember a shop, giving them the ability to come back to shop again. These platforms also help shop owners, as they are able to stay more organized than if they were spread out over several different social media sites. These sites incorporate the major aspects of an online shop such as web design, security measures, mobile availability, and easy-to-use payment options such as PayPal.

In Closing

Setting up your online shop does not have to be a difficult process nor does creating and increasing sales. The Internet makes shop owning an easy and fun experience. Begin the process of starting your own online shop and incorporate these simple ways to sell online – you will watch your shop become a wonderful success!


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