20 Inspirational Flash like websites that uses Javascript

Today I have a made a roundup of 20 Inspirational Flash like websites that uses Javascript functionality as it main source of website functional instead of flash. Click on some of the website and check out some of the cool effects. Enjoy!

Popular Front

Popular Front Website

World of Merix

Loewy Design

World of Merix Website

Serial Cut

Serial Cut Website

Best Before

Best Before Website


Nofrks Website


Cpeople Website

Intermission Design

Intermission Design Website


Wearex3 Website

J and K

J and K Website


Dreamerlines Website


Ormanclark Website


Enterrodagata Website


Suiepaparude Website

Matt Zeilinger

Matt Zeilinger Website

Search Inside Video

Search Inside Video Website

Lucino Gene

Lucino Gene Website

Rachel Bloch

Rachel Bloch Website

Peter Pearson

Peter Pearson Website


Peter Pearson Website

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  1. Armando E. Lopez Jr says:

    Can you post the tutorial marcell if you have the time?

    Im currently training javascript, particularly spry framework
    would love to see on how things are done like those in your collection

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