Think Like a Pro Web Designer – 9 Stunning Websites for Your Inspiration

Although there are a number of technologies on the market such as HTML 5 and CSS 3, it takes a lot more than using the right tools and technologies to design spectacular websites. Among them the creative genius of a web designer stands out, who gets better in his job with every project that comes his/her way.

However, if you are new to the world of web design and learning the ropes only recently, you can still learn a lot by drawing inspiration from some of the most stunning websites for your reference and implemention in your projects. Here is a list of nine such websites, which will help you think like a pro web designer.

  1. Cienne

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Using large, full-screen images of high quality is a much-followed trend by many websites nowadays and so are full-screen videos that play in the background. Both these trends have been adapted by Cienne, which also does a commendable job of using not just one, but many large images and videos. It also maintains design aesthetics with a limited color palette and a minimalist interface. This gives it an elegant and professional appearance, which surely makes an impact on the visitors.


  1. Stamplay

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Google’s Material Design not only ruled the mobile app design trends in 2015, but also made its way into website design. The new design is all about a neat interface with simple digital aesthetics. Stamplay is one of the websites to have joined the Material Design bandwagon. At first glance, it appears to have embraced all elements of minimalism. This is evident from its ‘flat’ looking icons, use of negative space, color contrast, typography, etc.

Also, an element that is immediately noticeable on the website is the use of social media sharing buttons. Another striking feature in the website is its unique navigation, which lets visitors browse and learn more about the website without making much of an effort. This eventually adds to the website’s responsiveness.


  1. Bugaboo

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You are hit by a blast of color when you visit Bugaboo. The use of rich color with a contrasting font is what makes the website stand out. Since the website sells a product that requires a lot of scrutiny by parents before making the purchase, it lets the product take the center stage and keeps everything else to a bare minimum.

As you scroll down the website, you will get to see a lot of design elements aimed for a minimalist interface including large images with and without text, ghost buttons, videos, banners with text, etc. For instance, it contains high quality product image with the option to view it from every angle with a noticeable CTA button. So, if you are looking to design a website that focuses on a specific type of product, take notes from Bugaboo’s web design.


  1. Quechua

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Gone are the days when every vital information about a website used to be crammed in its homepage with the hope that the visitors stay on the website for a longer duration and take a call-to-action. In the age of responsive websites that work on both desktops as well as mobile devices, such home pages have become redundant as is exemplified by Quechua.

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The home page has a large picture background, the name and logo of the company and a handful of country names written in clearly visible font color. As you click on the country, you will find elements such as monochromatic images in the background, colorful HD images and parallax scrolling, which bring forth a refreshing blend of design aesthetics and trends and makes the website a delight to the eyes. Explore it – one step at a time to know what I am talking about!


  1. Davroc

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Web design takes a ‘Spartan turn’ with Davroc. The website has least elements on its homepage allowing visitors to focus on the products. Displayed in the form of a banner, visitors can see product images displayed in monochrome. The twist comes in when they place the cursor over any of the products and get to see the same images in color. The toned-down look with limited colors works well for this website, which clearly means business.


  1. Ende

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Don’t be fooled by its monochrome design as there is more than what meets the eye to Ende, which greets you with a quirky background image. As you scroll down, you get to view other sections of the website with each section having different background color and balance of white space and text, which in turn enhances readability of the content. Scroll down to the section mentioning the team behind Ende and take a look at their photographs. I will not give away too much here. It is up to you to notice something unusual about them!


  1. Zervice

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Storytelling is one of the best techniques to keep visitors engaged on a website and this is exactly what Zervice does. The colorful expanse of the website highlights important benefits effortlessly without overwhelming visitors and an intuitive navigation with a hint of animation enticing them to explore the website. But what stands out on the website are the CTA (Call To Action) buttons, which have been placed quite impressively.


  1. Packdog

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Packdog is a website with no ‘bells and whistles’ as it is devoid of fancy text, banners, or any other distractions. All that it has is a pair of CTA buttons on its home page with an image of a dog as the full-screen background, prompting visitors to click a button to go to the next page, which is again a page with a dog and a set of CTA buttons. With different combinations of CTA buttons, no visitor can bet bored and abandon the site. Team Packdog definitely wins at the design game by keeping the visitors curious/interested.


  1. Teapot

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A stunning background, sharp 3D images, animation – all of these make Teapot Creations a magnificent website in terms of its design. Even with a limited color palette, it still has visitors captivated with unique images that look absolutely stunning. Scroll down to view black and white icons, which turn colorful when you place the cursor over them. Overall, the site is quite an inspiration if you want to create a website that is simple and attractive at the same time.

Wrap Up

These are a handful of websites, which will inspire the designer in you. Ignite your creative spark by taking a look at them along with other such websites that inspire. Soon, you will step into the shoes of a pro designer! Have anything to add? Let us know through your comments.

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