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How to send emails using your localhost wamp, mamp, or xampp

As a web developer many of us love to develop websites using a local server like wamp(Windows, Apache, Mysql, PHP), mamp(Mac, Apache, Mysql, PHP), or xampp(X (any of the four different operating systems), Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl). Developing on a local server is very beneficial because you can change code without using the file manager or ftp and it is great for testing and debugging. Well if you're like me I know you have ran into the sending a email using a localhost problem. In today's post I will tell you guys how you can properly send an email using your localhost and hopefully saves you the headache.

Drupal: Can’t delete Sites folder (Solved)


ey there everyone. So I have ran across this problem multiple times. The problem is whenever I install Drupal everything is alright but when it is time to delete it everything deletes correctly besides the sites folder. Many of you are probably wondering why you can't delete Sites folder(Drupal)? Well in today's quick tip I will explain how you can delete the Drupal sites folder and hopefully helps you avoid this problem in the future.

10 tips that will help you help you become a GREAT web designer by day and night

Making yourself a better web designer can seem quite difficult at first but with a little bit of work you will be there in no time. In this article I will list 10 tips that will help YOU become a better web designer by day and night. enjoy!

Quicktip: How to insert a stylesheet into your HTML document

There are many people who are new to the web design field and have no idea how to insert a stylesheet externally or internally. In this quick tip I will show you multiple ways to insert your stylesheet into your HTML document.