WordPress vs MODX – A Comparison Overview

People who are aware of Content Management Systems and who regularly use it have their own choices and preferences. Most of the people are familiar working with WordPress, and I must admit that WordPress has been a dominant Content Management Systems. However, there are many who are comfortable using MODX (no doubt, MODX too has gained its popularity). Both are amazing CMS tools when we talk about website management; and both have their own set of loyal users.

So what is it that differentiates the performance of both these content management systems? And what are the similarities and differences between the two? Let’s answer these questions to closely understand WordPress and MODX.

Comparing the Two Most Popular CMS

Before I jump into discussing the actual issue with you, I want to confess that I make use of both these CMS’s and find it great. Both have some independent functionalities like WP is exceptionally easy to use, while MODX offers great customization. But to a larger issue, both differentiate in some mainstream features like layout and interface, which I will be comparing in this blog. The reason is that if you have been a loyal user of WP, you are definitely going to find MODX a little tricky and confusing. However, the same applies to MODX users as well. So, we tend to develop prejudices based on the regular usage as well as the comfort it gives us, rather than actually analyzing the important concept.

To give you a simple example, Windows has been dominating the world of Operating Systems and a majority of people find it the best OS ever. However, I shifted to using Linus around a decade ago and honestly, I find the environments and command lines of Linux much easier than those of Windows. No doubt, Linus lacks an appealing interface, but it still is an easier OS in comparison to Windows. So, my whole point is that we cannot judge anything before we actually experience or have experienced them.

Which literally means that usability is just a prejudiced concept and to compare both these CMS’s, we ideally need to get rid of the usability concept. Let’s keep it straight and assess them on the grounds of how each of these perform.

  1. Target Audience and User Base

WordPress was initially just a simple blogging tool. However, it further upgraded as being used to develop websites. Over the last few years, WP has become a full-fledged CMS. No doubt, WP still enjoys maximum usage especially among a selected section of users:

  1. Artists, designers and photographers for portfolio purpose.
  2. Corporate websites for creating homepage with a big slider.
  3. News and magazine websites.
  4. Blogging, which is obvious.

Although this is not an accurate list of users, it still provides us with a rough idea as to who are the users of WP.

Moving your attention to MODX, it is not that simple and smart blogging tool. This is nothing but a pure CMS tool that caters to a wide array of user-base. It provides good customization and tweaks  brings a lot of customization and tweaks and can render virtually any genre of websites, even blog for that matter. No matter what advantages MODX has, it does not find casual users love MODX. However, you want to create a smart and simple photoblog, consider trying MODX.

2. Administration and Security

This is the field that evidently shows the sheer difference between WP and MODX. If you use the WP structure appropriately,  you will be able to do lot more big things with your website. To briefly explain, it allows you to use custom post types and formats if you want to make a corporate website or portfolio.

If you are an intermediate user, such a customization will definitely satisfy you. However, if you have no idea about the entire coding thing, it is better to use WP because it will use an individual Portfolio post type to differentiate your portfolio items from the main posts. However, if after a few days you feel like changing the theme, you will not be happy with experience you have. In the same case if you use MODX, you will see that it establishes itself.

However, when you are talking about security, WP is infamous for the same. You will people easily hack your WP website. On the other hand, MODX is a completely secure CMS.

To Sum Up the Entire Thing

Everything has two side – positive and negative and so does WordPress and MODX. Although this is not exhaustive and there is much more that can be considered if you take a close look at both the CMS’s, this is just an idea of how you can choose between the two. If there is anything else you think can be included, comment on the blog.

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