Who can be a logo designer and how to create a logo

It’s easy to say that a logo is something negligible and that with the help of an application in a few minutes anyone can create a couple of drawings. Nevertheless, by judging deeper it’s relatively simple to see that this idea has no real base. Is a logo such a difficult design product? Can anyone create a logo? Definitely not. After reading this post you will have a better idea about logos and what work lies behind them.

A logo is controversial mostly because there are two main aspects in creating one:

  • The creator must be an artist, as by manipulating few shapes and letters, he must create something that “speaks” to the viewers. There is no math, no rule just the inner power of the creator;
  • At the same time, the creators of logos or logo designers, as they are called, must have a solid background about design and should be experts in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or other similar programs.

To be more precise, a good logo designer should be half artist and half IT specialist, but of course, he must know the rules of good design and only few people are a fortunate combination of these conditions. Obviously, no one is born a logo designer and a strong will in addition to a huge endeavor would be the starting ingredients in a glorious career as a logo designer.

The starting point in becoming a logo designer is, as in any other trade, the knowledge of the basic principles. Fortunately, these aren’t complicated nor numerous but it’s highly recommended to obey them. On the other hand, only browsing a few collections of logos, it’s impossible not to notice that many have nothing to do with the basic principles of building them. There’s no mistake, the rules are created to be broken, the talented & experienced designers allow themselves to create logos which aren’t created by the rules but are stunning pieces of design and nobody can state that they aren’t well done. Anyway, as a rookie designer you should obey these principles below:

1.A logo should be simple

The main feature of any logo is simplicity. It must be simple because the role of a logo is to make the connection between a product/company/service represented and the public. The justification is also simple: there are many logos in our society, wherever you are looking it’s impossible not to see a banner, a symbol, a logo, as people are bombarded with them. Under these circumstances a common individual hardly remembers any of these marketing items, he must see something simple and astonishing in order to pay attention else everything is catalogued as “other stuff”.

2.A good logo is versatile

A logo is not just a graphical creation, it plays a vital role in the entire process of marketing. As a consequence, the logo must be presented on all means of promotion (on the official website, on business cards, on banners, on various ads, even on T-shirts). The capacity of a logo to be very well rendered on multiple modalities of use is called versatility and it’s capital in judging the value of it.

3.A logo should be timeless

The principles of logo design aren’t axioms created just to have rules to impress beginners, these are the result of experience. As was mentioned previously, a logo is part of the branding activity and a frequent change of it isn’t the smartest move ever made. It takes something special for people to familiarize themselves with a logo, time must pass and often logo modifications are very confusing.

4.There is no need of many fonts and colors

The studies revealed that the most well-known logos aren’t complicated, made up from a bunch of shapes and colors, but on the contrary, less means more in this field. The recommendations of the experts are clear: more than three types of fonts and colors are already a source of worries, usually two of these make a good team.

5.Black and white highlight the concept

A logo is indeed a design product but it is also a concept that must highlight the owner. A quality logo is based on a cool concept, no one creates a nice logo based on a decent or bad idea behind it. Any logo designer starts the building of a logo with pen and paper, in this way he sketches the concept first and after he finishes it he can start the effective work on making a digital file. Especially for beginners the advice of the experts is to work a lot on a black and white format as this is a well-defined concept.

Searching the Internet, other logo designers and bloggers expose many principles, some of them important more or less, but these are synthetizing the essence of logo design, these are mandatory. Unfortunately, only by knowing these by heart one is not a logo designer, only hard practice is the only way of turning someone in a logo designer.

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