Using Social Sign-on to Target Content to Customers

FaceBook and all other Social networking sites like Twitter, Google+ and others are changing and changing fast. Excellent results can be obtained by joining these social networking sites and for expanding networking, building brands or launch products for your business. Using ‘Social sign’ by registering using existing social networking id’s can help you build on the fan base, expand it and increase registered users who are loyal or become loyal patrons to your products or business. This also helps you to avoid the irritating cobweb and mess of ID’s and passwords. The social sign-on software operates by linking your site links to the service and authenticating identity of the person.

The social sign-on technology also gathers customer information without going into repulsive form fillings or registration forms.

1. Profile~the Key:

A profile is one of the most important things that are maintained by most users irrespective of the social or professional networking site. These profiles mostly contain some or the other relevant data or information about the person.

The profiles can contain trivial data like a date of birth, gender, geographic location along with name and an email address. Friends and contacts can be some of the other important data, other than some likes and some following also. Depending on the kind of social sign-on technology that you use, a variety of data can be collected and collated. These data can become of the most powerful tool to target content to customer, leading to more loyalty and better engagement to the brand.

2. Registration ~the reason:

Most registered users are seen to be dedicated and proactive towards their registered website or forum, according to studies and surveys. The sense of ownership involved in registration also helps the registered users to bring out desired changes. This they can do using several available options. Here are the basic areas that are used to create greater brand value by the registered users.

· Loyalty: more the number better might be the conversion ratio, as per the rules. For example a site having more than 600 million regular and active user, is definitely powerful and popular than another with just 100 million active and regular users. Similarly registered users are not only loyal, but their sense of ownership and proactiveness can keep your reputation soaring. The increased popularity due to these users can also help potential and new customers also.

· The Whispering campaign: studies show that most registered users playing a huge role in brand promotion. The registered users are driven by a feeling of ownership which helps them to suggest and initiate changes for good. They also keep on liking and sharing products and give honest opinions, which go a long way in brand promotion and brand building. They also help to generate new business and customers, as whispering campaign or word of mouth is still the most trusted form of advertisement.

· Targeting Content: having registered users can give you an opportunity to have extensive surveys which will be honestly answered. These psychographic surveys can help you in more than one way to offer services and build a brand. It will also help you to improve and expand your services and products as well.

You can use a variety of these data and more to improve on the options available with registered users, their friends and much more.

3. Privacy~never forget:

This is one of the most important and sensitive aspects of internet branding and business. The data at your hand does not belong to you, but belongs to the users, is something that should always be kept in mind. Use these data with great sensitivity. Allowing customers to opt out might seem a bad idea, but it can be a very good one in the long run. This gives your customers a confidence in your efforts and builds your brand respectability and trust. One great option can be asking consent before collecting data, which increases confidence in you. Do not misuse these data at any cost, as that will create a devastating effect on your business.

The Bottom Line:

Use social sign-on not only as a tool for convenient log-in to your site, but use it powerfully, professionally and effectively to target content to customers. If used properly social sign-in has the potential to drive sales to a great extent along with boosting loyalty and engagement of customers.

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