Turn Your Visitors into Sales with 5 Exclusive WP Plugins

You might have read lots of posts over increasing the traffic of WordPress websites but you might have not read about plugins, which can convert your online visitors into your sales prospects. Aren’t you surprised on reading this? You will surely be because such plugins are not overly promoted web. You need to crawl the web to find such plugins. But, you do not need to take this pain anymore because you can use below mentioned plugins in your website to enhance your sales leads.


track 2 act

It is an excellent plugin, which sports features to help you in mounting your sales records rapidly. With this plugin, you can actually add TrackToAct VisiLeads spart sensor code in your web pages to sense the activity of your online visitors. It will collect the details of the online visitors, who will visit your website. Technically, you just need to insert this plugin and do not need to fuss over the coding part of this plugin. You will get details of your visitors via this tool and you can approach them later on.

Simple Newsletter Signup

Simple Newsletter Signup

If you are looking for a plugin, which can collect email addresses of your online visitors to use the collected email addresses in your email marketing campaign then this tool is best. You will get lots of online visitors and new contacts will add in your with each new visit. You can get this plugin over web, especially at the official website of WordPress.

Formstack Online Forms

With this plugin, you can add web forms in your website’s sidebar. It is a simple plugin. Therefore, you can easily implement it in your website. Technically, the FormStack plugin automatically optimizes your website’s form and fits them into sidebars. So, your customers do not face trouble in using the forms.

Formstack Online Forms


It is an ultra modern & technically sound WordPress plugin, which lets you carry your ‘offers’ side bar in each page of your website. So, your customer notices the offer many times during his or her visit on your website. Therefore, it increases the scope of transition of online visitors into the sales leads. And, you can get the email and other contact details of your visitor via other plugins. So, you will only have to make a call to your prospect to clinch the deal. It will amazingly boost your sales records.

Side offer

Generate Box

With StudioPress powered theme, you can actually create multiple Generate Boxes in your website. With these beautiful ‘call to action’ elements carrying boxes, you can make your customers buy your services or at least leave their contact details to let you get back to them. It will be a great addition in the success of your website. You just need to test the plugin before installing in your website.

Generate Box

On reading about these lead generation plugin, you can now move on to download these plugins for your website. In this way, you must make yourself ready to respond in a quick manner to approach your customers before they forget their visit at your website.

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