The top 10 most creative websites of 2013

With so many companies competing online, it has become essential for businesses to have creative websites if they want to stand out from the crowd. Whereas some companies choose simple aesthetically pleasing brochure websites, others opt for interactive and technologically advanced responsive designs. Here is a run-down of ten of the most creative websites launched this year.


Scroll for your health creatively educates users with the benefits of different types of fruit that they should incorporate into a healthy diet.

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1. Scroll for your health

Scroll for your health aims to encourage people to incorporate more fruit into their diet. As you scroll down the one page design, different fruits pop up along with facts about them which tell you how they can benefit your health and body. It is a simple yet effective design that is certainly pleasing to look at.

2. These are things

These are things is a website designed by a creative duo that run an illustration studio and paper goods brand in New York. As the user you follow two quirky illustrated characters down the page as you scroll, who tell you all about the services and products offered by the company. This creative website will capture your attention and is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

3. Disney World New Fantasyland

Disney is certainly no stranger to storytelling and this is shown in their beautifully created flash websitefor the new Fantasyland attraction. The interactive websites features videos and games for the users to engage with as they learn more about Fantasyland. This is an example of a clever and captivating marketing tool which the brand has used to effectively advertise to their market.

4. Vlog It

Vlog It is an HTML5 powered website that features a number of rotating wheels. The wheels contain Vimeo and Youtube videos for users to watch. The interesting and unique design has captured the attention of a number of institutions and is nominated for a number of interactive and digital design awards.

5. 50 problems in 50 days

Solve 50 problems in 50 days is a project that was set up by an individual who wanted to explore design’s ability to solve social problems. The website features an interactive map which you can click on to reveal the ‘problem of the day’ and how it was solved through design. The website is aesthetically pleasing and very thought-provoking for users interested in design.

6. Build with Chrome

Lego Australia partnered with Google Chrome to bring out the world’s biggest Lego set. The website was created to celebrate fifty years of Lego in Australia. The website enables you to view the Lego creations of others on the map in 2d or 3d form. You also have the chance to build your own Lego house once you have found a free square on the interactive map!


Money Supermarket creatively designed a website to celebrate thirty years of the pound!

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7. Money Supermarket – The story of the pound

This year the Great British pound turns thirty years old and to celebrate Money Supermarket have created an interactive website called ‘The story of the pound.’ As you scroll down the page you can find out facts about the pound, such as what it would have bought you in 1983 compared to what you can buy with it today. It then goes onto show you an infographic of how the cost of everyday items has increased over the last thirty years, amongst other things like how much money David Beckham has earned since you landed on the web page!

8. Art of Stars

The Art of Stars websites uses your computer’s IP address and location to draw a picture of the star constellation above you. The website was built using HTML5 and operates in a similar manner to applications that are built for Android and iPhones.

9. Bagigia

Bagigia has a cleverly designed website that offers the user three ways of scrolling down the main page. They can use the normal scroll bar, click on the circular tabs along the side, or slide the zip widget across, which has been installed below the interactive Bagigia bag. As you scroll down the page you learn different things about how the bag was manufactured and its different features. You even get a view of the internal compartments so you can get a better idea of the design before you make a purchase. It is one of the best website’s we have seen for offering the customer an almost ‘real life’ view of a product range.

10. Clouds over Cuba

This digital documentary website has captured the attention of some of the biggest digital design award companies. ‘Clouds over Cuba’ was created to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuban Missile crisis. The website features videos, archival images and audio recordings, that are presented in a way that makes the user feels part of the whole experience.

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