The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

There are many benefits associated with hosting your website through the cloud; by paying for a virtual server and bandwidth for hosting your site, you can store more data than you would with an on site server, and can reduce overheads with a flexible system. Going with a cloud hosted website can also mean that you receive better scalability and security options than if you were carrying out hosting in house; this can make cloud hosting an ideal option for small businesses.


If you have an existing server or servers that are struggling to cope with the bandwidth of your website, switching to a cloud service means that you can store much more data, and handle more traffic; cloud hosting offers you different amounts of space that can be upgraded or degraded depending on your needs.


Key to cloud hosting is the ability to be flexible with how much you invest in your website – you only use what you actually need, and can rely on backup servers and access to online software updates and other services as and when you have to use them.


Cloud hosting enables significant scalability, whereby you can either keep costs down with a small website that requires low hosting costs, or you can pay to upgrade to more storage space – this option makes cloud hosting a particularly effective solution for small businesses that want to keep their overheads down.

Improved Security

Hosting through a reputable provider can mean gaining access to the most up to date versions of security software, which can help to protect your site from being vulnerable to malware and other attacks.

Opportunities for Website Building

There are many full service cloud hosting services that will also handle the design and coding of your website, while providing backups and an interface through which you can easily update the content of your site; metrics that analyse how many hits your site has received can be used in much the same way.

Technical Support 

In most cases, technical support for cloud hosted sites can be provided on a 24/7 basis, giving you much more flexibility than a traditional service. You can also depend on international support and easily installed software fixes and upgrades for your website.

OS Templates 

Depending on your needs, you can choose which operating system you want to employ for your website – an OS that’s run through the cloud will reduce processing power on your server, and can mean that you can more efficiently run a website.

Better Resource Management 

It’s possible to better manage all of your IT resources through the cloud, from hosting through to basic storage and software tools – doing so can mean that you can devote more resources into other parts of your business, and can keep your infrastructural costs down over time.

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