Surviving the world of Freelancing

When first hearing about the infamous Freelancing nothing but marvelous thoughts comes to mind. The main points that lure most people in are.

  • Being your own boss
  • Waking up whenever or shall I say in “pajamas”
  • Make Loads of money
  • Live the “internet lifestyle”
  • Being your own boss

Those are the ones that I have heard and am pretty sure you have heard them also. The examples I have listed above are true but not when you’re just beginning your freelance career. As a “newbie” freelancer you run into multiple holes and get yourself very overwhelmed with difficult tasks most freelancers face everyday. In today’s article I will be discussing how you can survive the wonderful world of freelancing.

Where to begin

Starting your freelance career can take a consuming amount of time and become very stressful. When starting you have to think of a brand name and/or whether you would like to present yourself as a company or individual.  Many freelancers start their business individually but sometimes they partner with friends and present themselves as a company.  After your idea has come to mind there is lots of other things to consider and get done like your logo, design, prices and most importantly promotion. When most of us freelancers start we do not think about how we will get clients, and how much we will charge for our service, instead we wait until a client contact’s us and get brain froze on what we should charge them or how long it should take. My advice to you is to always have an agenda and keep everything organize. keeping things organize and having an agenda can save you a load time and speed up your work process.

Where to Find work

As a freelancer I would have to say finding work is one of the most familiar problem many freelancers face. We often get stressed out because work is not coming our way and many times get desperate and work for anything. My best advice for finding work would be to post information around your community or and local towns. It might sound like a load of work but if you were to compare the freelancers online to the ones around you they probably would not add up. Another thing I would recommend is to attend web seminars or local meetups with others outside of your skill level. Like for example the other day I went to a local meetup with some programmers and got to meet some pretty cool people. My last tip would be to sell stock.  I will list some great websites below where you can make some extra money as a freelancer .

Theme Forest

If you’re a web designer then this will be a great website for you. You can sell numerous types of stocks like PSD’s, HTML files, wordpress themes, and much more. If you think That is great wait until you hear this. Authors can make up to 40% when first starting off and can get up to 70%.

Graphic River

Graphic river
If you’re a graphic designer then Graphic River is a great place for you to make some extra cash. You can sell backgrounds, buttons, vector characters, and etc.

Flash Den

Flash den
Flash Den is a very good site for flash developers. If you’re good with flash then you will love flash den. You can sell menu’s, preloader’s, websites, gallery’s and etc.


If you’re good with designs and you love designing t-shirts, posters, mugs, bumper stickers etc then I would prefer that you check out Cafepress.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine is one of the most well known online magazine in the world. If you’re good at writing articles then I would say write a few posts for them.

Tutorial 9

Tutorial 9
Tutorial 9 is probably one of the best design photoshop website around with great content. If you have a passion for art and love photoshop then I suggest you hurry to their website and submit your tutorial.

Blue Host

Blue Host
As a designer we often get clients who know nothing about hosting their own website or running their own website. If you’re a web developer and you run across a client who knows nothing about hosting their own website then why not plug your affiliate link into an email. Also you receive $65 per referral.

Buy Stock designs

Buy Stock Designs
Buy sell stock is also another great place to sell stock. You can sell various items and receive up to 50% when first starting. How cool is that!


So if you’re a freelancer then my message to you is do not depend on independent work. Get out and make sure you have income coming in from all “directions”.

Joe Granados the author

Joe Granados is the owner of WebDevTuts. He is also a web designer & developer who loves to design and develop websites. If you're looking for him you can find him via @webdevtuts
  1. Libby Fisher says:

    Great points, thanks for the resources!

    The way that I get most of my new clients is by referrals from the local web hosting company that I work with regularly. They have worked with me ever since the first time I called them when I was working on the first website I ever designed. Over the years, we have referred clients to each other and worked together on numerous projects and it has been a win-win situation for both of us. So, that would be my advice to freelancers just starting out and looking for work – try to network with already established businesses in your area and in a similar field of work (i.e. hosting companies, graphic designers, etc.).

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