Steroid Plugins Which Make WordPress Beat Enterprise CMS into Pulp

An enterprise content management system delivers the core functionalities of storing, integrating and adding business intelligence to any document and file format. Enterprise CMS manages all types of content for an entire organization and provides the access, structure and permissions to manage content within a single system. All this and much more, the benefits of using an enterprise content management system are many. But one definitely has to burn a hole in his or her pocket to avail these undeniable benefits of enterprise CMS.

But do these Enterprises CMS privileged organizations really need to spend millions of dollars on their content management systems when what their business actually calls for is easy sharing of documents amongst the team members, automating of document intensive manual processes and collaborating with team members internally and externally? Today the enterprise technology managers seeking to improve the functionality and management of their corporate websites at a convenient and feasible price ought to take a closer look at WordPress.

WordPress has completed its metamorphosis from a simple blogging tool to a powerful publishing platform and content management system. Custom WordPress designs offer the flexibility to develop highly functional and truly beautiful websites. That is not all; custom WordPress websites have a lot going for them-a low cost of ownership, no licensing fees along with the added advantage of being search engine friendly. Plus, WordPress is indeed one of the easiest content management systems to learn and use. WordPress is nestled with thousands of handy plugins that help its users with various kinds of problems. Below is a list of my top five must have WordPress plugins that act as steroids and give a boost to my site.

1. ContentCloud

ContentCloud launched by Betaout is SaaS (Software as a Service) based editorial workflow system aimed at publishers running their site on WordPress. It is one of the newest editorial management solutions that excel in providing a collaborative approach to content creation on WordPress.

By making use of ContentCloud, the assignments can be routed across multiple content contributors like writers, copy editors, multimedia before being published. Also the team members can send assignments for revision to previous desk whenever required. Individual users are assigned a desk based on their user roles. These desks can be arranged in a workflow to make sure that the assignment passes every desk in a desired order. The entire process of content production is streamlined with the help of flexible assignment creation, resource sharing, task delegation, a robust workflow and complete control of editors.

ContentCloud offers a very impressive user interface with a very modern application look and feel. The plugin provides two different apps for managing editors and other staff members called Newsroom App and Workbench App respectively. Most of the other editorial solutions just tweak a single interface to suit various user needs, I liked the concept of ContentCloud of completely redesigning a different interface catering to the needs of various staff members.

2. Edit Flow

Edit Flow plugin is another WordPress plugin that improves increased partnership between the editorial and publication squad of compound users and editors for all WordPress enabled websites and blogs. The plugin is an exceedingly practical tool for teams with editors functioning on unusual timings as its datebook feature helps synchronize the common content in an efficient comportment. The plugin also allows mechanical notification for each submitted post making sure that communication guide linking various users is not hassled by any unwanted delays helping in an intrinsic hike of overall content productivity. The Edit Flow plugin helps in redefining the editorial workflow by allowing communal partnership of the editorial team within the WordPress stage. The editorial observations characteristic of the Edit Flow plugin allows for in house deliberations through threaded commentary in the management segment between diverse writers and editors while user groups characteristic improves workflow apparatus by allowing association between various users according to their performance or treatment of a variety of departments like editing and publication. Edit Flow plugin with all its textures is a totally tailored plugin allowing administrators the authority to single out and decide the desired functionality option obtainable within the plugin according to the requirements of the website and the viewpoint of the administrator and his or her team.

3. Content Progress

Content Progress plugin is an extremely interactive instrument perfect for editors and writers for websites based on WordPress publication platform. The plugin adds icons to the content inventory marking out the absolute as well as any unfinished and incomplete effort under development associations or links. The plugin is fundamentally helpful in finding out the details to be acquainted with the fact that whether there is any content posted on any meticulous sheet or webpage. The plugin also intrinsically helps in categorization out incomplete content page by calling out the administrator team to demark and flag a manuscript which is in absolute need for more additional sources of content or any editorial amendment of any sorts.

4. Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow is one of the widely used user friendly WordPress plugin used to advance the softness of the workflow progress of numerous authored blogs and websites based on the WordPress publication system. The plugin calls for an intrinsic approach by allowing various components of imagination in ornamenting the overall workflow mechanism by approving users for organizational as well publication privileges for their article or post. Approval workflow is a smartly urbanized plugin that searches for a customer with publication modules and administrative rights after each and every post that is submitted to the website database. While attainment out to the publisher the plugin not only refurnishes the overall competence but also cuts out any instant discrepancy in capitulation and publishing. If any user does not have publish privileges, the plugin robotically sends email to users with publishing rights keeping them well informed of any changes and new publications and user submissions irrespective of user rights and other constraints. The Approval Workflow plugin uses a package in the place revision screen module just in case there is no user or author that has no publication or publishing administrative right thereby enabling administrator to set a WordPress responsibility as the approvers. The plugin is a fundamental ingredient of the numerous authored websites since it not only helps in slackening out the workflow of numerous authored websites but works uniformly well on WordPress multiple website.

5. VoteIt

VoteIt WordPress plugin as the name suggests is one of the most intrinsically popular WordPress plugins that help increase the overall content generation process by allowing increasing mutual trafficking between the users and the website administrators and editors. While some plugins perk up the workflow apparatus of the WordPress based websites and some lend a hand in administration of substance production and bowdlerization, VoteIt is one of those diminutive but superlatively constructive plugins that allow for effectual association among the users and the viewpoint squad which helps undemanding judgment a possibility. VoteIt not only brings a sense of increased user interaction amongst the reader and the publication department of the website but is also equally simple and effective to implant on any stand alone blog or WordPress enabled website based with or without a network in place. VoteIt plugin requires a minimum installed version of WordPress version 2.0.2 while its is well-matched up to version 3 and higher and is straightforwardly installable by accumulation the downloadable plugin categorized to VoteIt index to wp-content/plugins. VoteIt is so straightforwardly interwoven into the functionality of the website that it makes resolution of any decision making complete easy and absolute joy while contribution a mutual advance to the readers making them an ingredient of the website content and its workflow with vigorous contribution. The plugin can also be entrenched as a widget depending on the website and its foundation functional ability and spectrum of content and its association.

Try out the above mentioned plugins and do let me know about your favorite.

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