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The design and layout of a website is of real importance, no matter what the purpose of that site is because people are immediately turned off by a site that is confusing or ugly-looking. However, if it is a commercial site – for example an online casino – it is particularly crucial. A casino site needs to make sure that new visitors can find everything they need – for example the different types of games (roulette, baccarat, slot etc) and the security information – quickly, otherwise they will look elsewhere.

This has seen casino sites streamline their designs as they have become more popular, opting for landing pages with clear links to the various other parts of the site. As they increase the number of different table and slot machine games they are offering, as well as the various promotional offers for those placing a deposit with them, it is essential that ease-of-use is prioritised over unnecessary flashiness. Typically, this means that the landing page will have links to the games and log-in/sign-up boxes along the top of the page and the security and contact information at the bottom – with the middle used for links to the different promotions.

Another big change to online casino sites in more recent times has been the shift towards responsive design, in recognition of the increase in those using the sites via mobile devices. The responsive design used by the major casino sites such as means that the layout adjusts to whatever device you are using to access it – from desktop and laptop computers to smartphones and laptops. The alternative is to have separate mobile and online versions of the site, but this presents problems – including the inability to offer equal choice of games for both or to provide a consistent experience for customers when they use different devices to access them. This is why responsive web design is now the preferred choice of most top online casino companies.

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