News/update! Find out whats coming to Webdevtuts

Hey guys. I’ve created this this post to inform you about the changes coming up at webdevtuts. I am proud to announce the changes and hope you guys will enjoy them.

New Design!

That’s right. Webdevtuts is getting another make over and this time it will be here to stay. I feel the layout right now is not Webdevtuts style and I want to change that to make this website feel like a home and a place you would like to visit everyday.

New Tutorials

I know I have been doing a bunch of tutorials on web design layouts, typography,and wordpress. That’s fine with me but I want to share more tutorials with you guys. I know there are people who want to learn illustrator, flash , and other programs that us designers/developers use. I plan to launch Webdevtuts new sections with the new design so there will be many tutorials with a variety of techniques that you can use to accomplish them.


I’ve been working on a few themes and templates that I am going to release very soon on Webdevtuts. I know many people do not have or do not like to spend their money on templates or theme so we will be offering free ones that you can use for your very own website.


2010 is our year. If you are a true follower of Webdevtuts then I must say this will be your year also. I am very excited for all of the new stuff coming up in the near future. If you would like to be one of the first to here about the new Webdevtuts launch please subscribe to our Rss feed.

Joe Granados the author

Joe Granados is the owner of WebDevTuts. He is also a web designer & developer who loves to design and develop websites. If you're looking for him you can find him via @webdevtuts

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