Mobilize Mail Is Taking Email Marketing Automation To New Heights

Email Marketing Automation, also known as Auto Messages or Auto Responders, are an infrequently used form of email marketing. They are used infrequently simply because not many people are aware of what a powerful tool they actually are. The extent of most people’s knowledge begins and ends with their vacation responder which answers incoming email with a message that they are out of town. They fail to realize the potential that these powerful and elegant auto responders possess. Here at Dynamic Search we’ve looked at what the email auto responder or Auto messages can do.

Mobilize mail, the premium email and social media service provider, has developed an email system called the MMAPP3. The moment your mail hits the inbox, the system turns your EDM, or email-marketing message into an auto responder. Mobilize Mail has configured measured action into the functionality of their auto responder. In essence, auto messaging is here in email and many people are going to begin to realize its true potential.


The entire process, once you have put a check in the AR box, is initiated by incoming email. Of course, it is also initiated when someone signs your invitation to receive promotional mail or newsletters. You can manually place people on the list as well. When an email comes in the Auto Responder responds with the first email of your pre-established agenda. What Mobilize Mail has created the first email service with the Auto Messenger built right in for convenience and ease of use, like no other auto responder of its kind. If another email comes in two days later, the entire process starts over for this new contact so that everyone is getting your messages on time and in order.

In order to achieve this, Mobilize mail developed an ESP system that they call MMAPP3. All you really have to do is write your email marketing message and check a little box. Make sure your email subscription sign-up is clearly situated in your blog or flash page so that when someone signs into it and generates that email, the new MMAPP3 will be ready to start sending the email marketing messages that you have in store for them.

One of the coolest features is the ability that it gives you to see stats, like the open and click rate. It also allows you to make changes to the system, effectively telling it to switch to a different campaign and set of messages or change the dates during which the messages are sent. This means your customers, potential customers, or clients do not have to wait for you to process through a campaign change to get their email marketing messages, newsletters, or updates.

Multiple Auto Responders are not a problem for the ESP MMAPP3, allowing you to network into multiple areas at once. A series of Auto Responders can be set to release emails to your lists on specific days and times of day in sequence. It gives you the ability to see which customers have taken specific actions so that you can respond appropriately.

With Mobilize Mail, you move beyond the simple monthly newsletter and into full-fledged email marketing, one of the hottest trends in marketing since social networks appeared on the scene.

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