Freelancing: How to lose a client but gain a loyal one

I’ve been freelancing for a while now and along my long term journey of freelancing I have found out that i actually lose a lot of clients, due to a great amount of reasons but I always gain the loyal ones. In this article I will discuss with you all how to let a client go and move on. This should be interesting right?

I lost a client?

lost clientEver feel like it was the end of the world when you lost a potential client? I sure did when first starting off freelancing. I thought to myself I just lost X amount of dollars and another piece to my portfolio. I would be angry and try to contact clients back with lower prices and they would, most of the times try to go very low. As I got older I started to realize that I have to stand up for myself. Now that I stand up for myself I lose many clients. Now you’re probably thinking that is a bad thing but I will explain to you how it is not a bad thing.

So majority of the times a client will try to pursue you with one of the following lines:

“The Economy is really bad and if you do it for X amount then we promise to bring you more work in the future”


“My budget is very small right now but this would be a great piece to add to your portfolio”


“I know a little bit of HTML so it should not take you that long. Probably 1-2 hours at the most”

So Above I have 3 quotes from clients that are trying to avoid spending cash. So how do I lose them? Well I usually lose them when I respond to their emails saying I am no longer interested in doing the job. Many times they say, “I’m sure I can find another designer” and my response to that is, OK!

I gained a clients

gained clientGaining a client is the one of the greatest feelings in the world. I mean you have this amazing/fun project to work on and you have a client that is very loyal to you. So how do you gain a loyal client? Well gaining a loyal client can be very hard but is very much worth it in the long run. My tips to gaining a loyal client is listed below.

  • Be Confident: – Being confident shows your client that you are very capable of doing the work.
  • Give Reasonable prices: – How do you know when your price is too high or too low? You don’t so you have to go with what works best for YOU. This shows the client if you’re worth it or not.
  • Give your opinion: – Clients love it when you give them an opinion(Some won’t). This let’s the client know that you care about their business and website and that you’re really there to help them.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no: – Saying no is quite harsh sometimes and very difficult to do for some people. Saying no to client tells them that you love what you do and lets them know you will not be taking advantage of.
  • Give them a general time frame: – Clients love when you can tell them when you will be completed with their project. If you can meet this requirement they will LOVE you. This lets the client know that you’re very serious when working and will not cheat them. Letting them know that they’re getting their money’s worth.

If you follow my tips above you should have great clients in no time. I mean I am not saying you won’t ever come across clients that will not drive you wild but just know that along your journey of freelancing you will find clients that will be very loyal and good to you.


Despite the clients I have lost I am very happy with the ones I have gained. I think standing up for yourself can be a good thing because that shows confidence. If you’re one of those designers that will work for peanuts that’s good for you. If you’re a designer that wants to change and start to get divine clients then I would suggest you to start being a braver freelancer and learn how to say enough is enough. I hope you all have learn something from my article today. Let me know if this worked for you.

Joe Granados the author

Joe Granados is the owner of WebDevTuts. He is also a web designer & developer who loves to design and develop websites. If you're looking for him you can find him via @webdevtuts
  1. Nathan says:

    Hey Marcell!

    Great article.
    It’s always hard to say no to a client. There are so many tire kickers out there that want you to work for nothing. Soemtimes it feels wrong to turn down work but if you keep at it your loyal clients will arrive.

    Learning to raise my prices helped me weed out the unwanted clients.

    Look forward to more great articles.

  2. I think there’s nothing wrong in saying no to a client if there are valid reasons to do so. Many are afraid to do this and I commend you for having the courage to stand to your beliefs. As long as you do it in good faith, then good things will happen.

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