Finding a Balance When Monitoring Workers With Employee Tracking Software

It is very important to keep the productivity levels in your office to a maximum level. That means you make more money within the time that your employees are in the office. Some employers choose to monitor their employees’ use of the internet, and there is certainly plenty of software out there to help you do that. However, there are downsides to this. It shows your employees that you don’t trust them. With that in mind, it’s worth finding a balance between monitoring and letting them take breaks. Here are some tips to help with that.

They Can’t Work Around the Clock

Remember that your staff members can’t work the whole time they are in the office. That is just damaging to the productivity levels and their health. They need time away from the computer, and will want to take breaks now and then. In fact, you should encourage them to take five minutes every hour or so to stretch their legs. It’s not going to eat into your time.

Allow Them to Browse Now and Then

Sometimes, they just need to reset their brains, and browsing online can help with that. Allow them to check Facebook for two minutes here and there to see what their friends are up to. You can use the employee tracking software to make sure they limit their social media use throughout the day and so that it doesn’t get in the way of their work.

Some will want to check out some shopping, or may want to browse for the best deals on their car insurance. Make it clear that while it is not allowed, as long as it does not get in the way of finishing projects you will not fire them over it.

Remember Their Own Breaks

When they are on a break, your employees will want to spend their time doing something they want to. This could mean checking Facebook or they may do something for their own business. Make it clear that the internet is available for their own use while they are on an official break.

While monitoring their time, keep this rule in mind. Look at the times they were online for their personal use, and check the times that they were on a break. If they run over by a couple of minutes, that is not too bad. However, if they go over their time on a regular basis, you can talk to the individuals concerned.

Check for Specific Websites

You want to keep the workplace clean and friendly. That means limiting specific websites. While porn sites are the top of the list, you may also want to keep gambling sites on the list. When monitoring with the software, check the type of sites that are being used to make sure your staff members are following your rules.

Finding a balance between monitoring your employees’ internet use and trusting them can be difficult. You need to show that you’re not too strict, but that productivity is a main priority.

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