Case study: could a blogger post something 100% original?

I am 100% that no blogger may write a post about web design that is completely original.Writing about the originality and the condition of the web design bloggers is a very delicate subject. A part of the readers agrees with this situation while others accuse that it is only a false excuse that hides incompetence and laziness. Which opinion is true? Is there a clear answer? The purpose of this post is to reveal the perspective of the blogger, the one accused of amateurism and to demonstrate that his efforts are impressive but due to the huge market it’s impossible to be merely original or bring only fresh content. The Internet is full of web design blogs, some from 2005 and some from 2012 and the number will increase while the web design evolves, but the principles of beautiful design or color theory fundaments remain the same. It’s true that now web design is turning into responsive web design but in the very deep essence, all remains the same. Under these circumstances, when the number of bloggers is fabulous and the news is immediately published, how could someone be original? But, in fact, how can a blogger write an original blog post?

1.Offering something new


Definitely, even the definition of the originality concept means to bring something new, unseen. An original post of this kind means to present something unexpected from the web design community but here the news travels faster than speed of light and only the “big players” are connected to the source providing such types of information. I may be skeptical, but for a normal blogger, no matter how passionate he is, it’s almost impossible to realize such a post.

2.Offering a personal perspective

This is a most likely possibility and definitely, it must be encouraged by all blog administrators. The personal projections regarding various subjects are very interesting and the readers get involved in these. In three years of guest blogging, I noticed that these posts are the source of many comments. Paradoxically, the point of view offered shouldn’t be the one agreed by the community. As long as you come with a decent argumentation, the readers surely will become interested in offering a reply.

3.Combining them

Another solution for writing a very original and quite probable interesting post is a combination of the above two paragraphs. Very good examples of posts respecting this pattern are the ones about HTML5. Last year it was a hot topic, lots of opinions being presented in the web design blogosphere. As soon as the posts weren’t only a banal enumeration of new features, the interest of people got high. The common conception amongst readers is that the bloggers are the best specialists (which it must be, indeed) and their personal perspectives are very important.

Anyway, the conclusion is pretty simple: any blogger must express his point of view, no matter which is it, it must be decent and well grounded. The disagreement of the readers shouldn’t be considered as the sign of a bad post, it’s an exchange of opinions. Usually, the value of these posts is high but it supposes a considerable volume of work of the creator. Therefore, you observed that it isn’t so easy to write only original content but there are enough reasons why the posts look somehow similar:

4.The subjects are the same

It’s obvious, you couldn’t write about fashion when your blog is attacking the design topics. The adjacent fields as social media or search engine optimization are potential categories but in this way, the blog becomes generalist and not web design related. Anyway, there must be a wise balance between specific web design posts and adjacent ones in order to be correctly catalogued as a web design blog.

5.The issues are pretty much the same

A very good subject for writing posts is to explain the most difficult or unseen aspects of a software or of a program. The idea is that by offering clear explanations to difficult tasks many readers will come and join the community around your blog. There is no paradox, but usually people encounter difficulties in the same pattern, hence what is difficult for a European is the same for an American and so on. Under these circumstances, every blogger will post the same problems with other words. It seems foolish but consider this aspect: at the moment of writing this post, there are some rumors about the new features of Adobe Photoshop CS6. Writing a post about these will attract many readers but there is the risk to be considered outdated by presenting something which was presented on other blogs. Much more, the visitors may appreciate your post as being boring, presenting the same ideas. From the reader’s perspective it’s right, but thinking from the blogger’s point of view, how could he present other features as long as these don’t exists?

6.The amazing rhythm of posting

The main blogs of the web design blogosphere post almost daily and, in order to be visited, this schedule of posting is almost mandatory. This means that everyday a new post must be written and published, so how could someone resist in this context? The bloggers accepted the help of other author posts and this is the way the concept of guest posting was developed. However, it can’t be a solution to offer only fresh and original content.

In the end, I really don’t encourage the mediocrity of the web design blogs but before criticizing any post it is better to think twice. Efforts have been made and the work and sacrifice must always be appreciated.

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