Attracting New Customers to Your Ecommerce Site: Top Ways

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you are bound to focus on growing your revenue. For this you need new customers as this means new business. With increasing amount of competition in online market, the e-commerce merchants need to consistently grow up their revenue, which help in giving stability to their businesses. At the same time the rising completion in the market has made the task of attracting new customers to the e-commerce sites difficult. However, there are smart ways of attracting new customers for your online business. Let’s check out some of the top ways of attracting new customers to your electronic commerce website.

Go for a PPC campaign

When it comes to gearing up fast in your online business, the best way to get new customers is through a good PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaign. It is one of the best marketing tools on the web to generate new business in less amount of time. For those you do not know about this idea, PPC ads simply appear over the search engines and other websites. Every time the potential customers click over these ads, the marketer has to pay for it. For PPC over the search engines, you could consider Google or Bing for effective results. Also, you could think of considering other PPC networks like Facebook, which will help you in reaching out to the new customers. Effectively carrying out a good PPC campaign could help you in getting new customers to your e-commerce business.

Email marketing

If you have been into your ecommerce business since past few months, you could have collected a number of email addresses of your potential clients and likeminded people who have subscribed your newsletters. Email marketing is considered as a vital tool for the online retailers; however, most of the marketers tend to ignore this great option to attract new customers for their online business. Don’t commit this mistake; instead consider it as an important marketing tool for your ecommerce site. Using email marketing for newsletters wherein you could send them personal and special offers, discount deals etc. can help you in finding new people coming over your portals thus giving you enough opportunities to convert them into your new customers.

Social media marketing

The popularity of social media has given loads of opportunity to the marketers to attract new customers through these platforms for their ecommerce portals. The social media marketing is considered as the powerful tools available for a number of online marketers. Social media is seen in various forms. For instance, blog content could be called as a social media thing like the posts or feed coming over the Facebook wall or over other sites like Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest. Social media marketing strategies simply help in engaging your potential customers with some time to time interactions, which could play a vital role in asking for a sale. This helps a lot especially during the holiday shopping season.

Using PR effectively

PR or press releases play an important role in creating your brand awareness among your potential customers or target audience. Whenever you do something new for your e-commerce business, you have the opportunity of releasing the PR. Create PR to announce adding up a new product over your ecommerce site, also put company news, your niche area news and happening. This will help in generating good traffic and backlinks for your website from a number of popular PR sites. There are number of PR submission sites, which allow you to submit your press releases for free.

Social Bookmarking

This is one of the best ways to generate traffic for your ecommerce site. There are number of social book marking sites including, Stumbleupon,com and, which helps in getting traffic for your site. All you need to do is to have a blog carrying quality posts and content, which will help you in connecting the social book marking sites. Having quality content would help you in getting better space over these sites, which would be noticed by lots of people coming over these sites. So you end up getting potential customers at your site, which could be converted as new clients.

Video marketing

Videos are the best ways to drive traffic towards your ecommerce site. Sites like YouTube, Metacafe or gives you opportunity to upload your marketing videos pertaining to your ecommerce store. These sites have millions of users, which mean you have better chance to get traffic from these sites. If you are able to drive traffic to your ecommerce site you are likely to get new customers for your online business.

Final word

Attracting new customers towards your ecommerce site is not an easy task to accomplish. You need to carry out a number of things on a regular basis to find new people on these sites. Above are few of the best ways to attract new customers to your online stores. All you need to do is to try them with patience and constant efforts.

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