An insight on the various logo designs

In order to make a strong corporate identity it is essential to get a logo that is professionally designed. Today, when you go through the most famous logo you will realize that there are three common features that they all include namely, creativity, simplicity and uniqueness.

Logo designing is a very innovative process, which offers limitless creative possibilities. As a logo designer to attain an effective logo it is important to learn about the different kinds of designs that can be mixed and match or used separately. And some of these designs of logo are discussed below:

Symbolic or Iconic Logos

Typographic logos comprises of a symbol and the company’s name typeset  that enables to describe the business and what it represents.  Such icons or symbols can be abstract or descriptive however they are not as direct as  straight text that gives varying version of what the logo represents.  It can contain a figure, a pictogram or even a mark  to precisely depict the values of the company.

Type-based Logos

Another very popular logos is textual and type-based design form. In such a logo design the company’s name is used either on  a plain or even on a  stylized typeface.  The aim of having a Type-based Logo is to enable the customers to register the business name. Numerous top companies such as Coca-Cola logos, IBM logos and FedEx logo have  made of this logo type.

Abstract Logos

An abstract connotation can be sometimes used to communicate the message of what the company stands for, to the target audience.  These include loose, figurative elements of logo design and  numerous top brand such as Nike and Starbucks have made use abstract logos to create a strong  brand identity. This kind of a logo design is highly useful if you want to convey a very general idea in a unique way as it helps to express ‘feelings’ in a restrained way than making use of figures and facts.

Badge-style Logos

The badge or emblem style can be employed to design a logo. Such  a logo design is commonly used in automobile or sports logos and it makes use of a design that is shaped like a badge or insignia. Car Brands such as BMW and Mercedes have been using the Badge-style Logos to mark their  identity

Mascot Logos

A number of companies make use of unique mascots or cartoon characters in their logos. These can range from an animal to even a human figure. Such mascot aim to give a unique identity to the brand such as the famous “black and white panda” of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Wordmark Logos

The Wordmark logos can be employed as a foundation for the design in different product or service. The typeface can be done either from the scratch or the commercial fonts can be made use of. You can incorporate various images to customize your logo and create a greater impact. Such a logo design is for those brands that want to build a mental picture of their business and people associate with the image when they think of the brand.

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