An Insight Into The ChocolateChip-UI Framework

With the augmenting mobile commerce, it has become extremely essential for organizations to seriously consider the mobile channel along with the web channel. It not only allows businesses to conveniently reach a colossal mobile audience base, but also facilitates them to embrace an impressive and trendy visual appeal.

With the proliferation of mobile devices including several web browsers, screen sizes, OS, etc., it has become essential to efficiently reach a wider consumer base. Indubitably, the web applications offer a surefire solution while enabling the businesses to efficiently reach over the distinct mobile devices with a single app. It thus saves a heck lot of development time, efforts and valuable money. Moreover, it ensures a sustainable success to businesses by targeting multiple platforms at once. Therefore, it can be anticipated that the web app development is surely going to rule the ground in the future.

There is a plethora of frameworks available in the market that ensures a convenient mobile app development. Here in this article, I am going to offer you an insight into an ultimate mobile web framework, popularly known as ChocolateChip-UI. This proficient framework is primarily famous in lending a native look to web applications.

Let’s explore it.

ChocolateChip-UI framework: A Foreword

Developing a strong web application that boasts impressive visual appeal and superior functionalities is not an easy meat. However, with a granular and thought-out approach will definitely rule everything out. The Chocolate Chip UI is a powerful framework that is designed to make the cumbersome task of creating a ravishing web application easier. It delivers outstanding performance and ensure an incredible solution.

Most interestingly, this framework is ideal for generating web application that behaves like a native application. That is, it offers web applications with a look and feel of built-in applications. Moreover, it supports the popular iOS 7, Android and Windows 8 Phone platforms. Thus, by creating an application via this framework, you can easily target the a gigantic mobile user base.

What makes it stand ahead of the other frameworks is that this amazing cross platform framework is the first one to offer an impressive look and feel of iOS 7 in an absolute fashion. And, like general web applications, it also comprises the three typical components including, JavaScript, CSS and HTML 5 markup.

The Chocolate Chip UI offers a plethora of resourceful features that you may use while creating your web app. Whether you want to integrate segmented control, select list, take the range input, or anything else, it offers a user-friendly interface and facilitates a slew of easy to integrate attributes. This framework is absolutely simple to deploy.

Here are a few of the worthy offerings of this open source web app development framework that amazingly add to its credibility.

It comes complete with an overwhelming list of widgets to choose from. Therefore, you may choose a desired one from the available options.

Moreover, you can efficiently create layouts of your choice by simply implementing the CSS animations.

By tweaking the JavaScript appropriately, you can tailor the look and feel of your application in a desired manner to efficiently endeavor to achieve your business goals.

This framework delivers lightweight application that consumes minimal size. Thus, apps created with the Chocolate Chip UI framework are optimized to load instantly. Since, with mobile devices, app loading time is a crucial aspect, this feature makes it stand ahead of its competitors.

It includes the basic web app development components namely CSS, JavaScript and HTML 5 that are commonly known by the most of the web developers.

The ultimate documentation of the framework makes it extremely convenient for the novice developers to get started. It is easily readable and understandable.

It supports multiple languages including Urdu, Arabic, English, etc., which add to its versatility.

Since no extraneous code in included by the Chocolate Chip UI, you can easily personalize your app.

Final Thought

Note that, this is not a marketing ploy to promote the Chocolate Chip UI framework.

Bagged with a list of utile widgets and plugins, and designed to diminish the web app  development woes, the Chocolate Chip UI framework augments cross-platform mobile app development. For the folks seeking for an impressive native visual appeal for their web apps, this framework stands true to deliver surefire results.

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