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Today, cloud computing has become important for both the business world and our lifestyle. While cloud computing allows you to access the data easily from any locations, it has also come up with new security measures that did not exist before when all our data were stored on our own personal hard drives. How can you be sure that your business or personal data is secure? Here are few amazing tips that you should consider and will ensure you 100% protection all the time and no one can steal your data.

Know where your data lives

No one can protect their data unless they know where it resides. Sure, intrusion detection programs and firewalls can prevent intruders and data encryption can protect your data, but what will happen when the service provider goes out of business or the user decides to terminate his service? Well, the only solution to store your data securely and not losing it in the clouds is to have a dedicated hardware for this task which enables cloud computing services to pass the toughest security guidelines.

Backing up should always be done

If you are smart enough to learn the importance of your data, don’t store it on just one place and completely trust that source. One of the easiest ways of securing your data is to have a backup of that data at all times. This doesn’t mean that you should follow the conventional method, but that you should have a backup in someplace so that you aren’t fully dependable. Also, doing this will provide necessary peace of mind for those who have their confidential data stored. Big players like T-mobile had suffered permanent loss of its customer data as they did not have a backup. Hence you must always have a backup of your data.

Security must be taken seriously by the data center

By knowing the name of the server and the data center on which data is stored, it’s easy for the user to conduct some research and find out if the data is really 100% secure. Check to see if the service provider is SSAE 16 or SAS 70 audited and has PCI or HIPPA certified clients. Moreover, reputable cloud providers offer managed services like firewalls, antivirus and intrusion detection to ensure you of increased security measures for managed servers.

Make the password as secure as possible

Another most important thing to remember about cloud computing is to create strong passwords. Everyone who can access the data on cloud should be properly trained on how to secure their password. When it comes to the primary server security, it is better only for few to know the password. Also, create passwords that are hard to guess and change it regularly to ensure increased security.

Two way Authentication

Authentication is gaining more importance in the internet world. For example, to check a credit card balance, you are required to provide some extra information. Having such security questions on everyone who has access to cloud can ensure you a second line of security against intruders. It’s easy to get someone’s password, but it may be difficult to provide that extra bit of information to access their account such as the model of their first car or their place of birth and the access will be denied. In some cases, a unique code has to be provided to log in which will be available as text message on your mobile. This way if a hacker gets your password, his access will still be denied because of not knowing the unique code. Hence authentication is always important for the security of cloud computing.

Data encryption

Your next line of security is data encryption. Even if someone gets your password and passes the authentication, they still won’t be able to access your data as it will be encrypted. This makes you feel more confident in cloud security and make you stress-free.

Get references from others

When you want to know more about the problems other clients are facing, it would be better to ask your cloud provider for client references. References from healthcare, insurance and financial organizations would be of great help. You can contact them directly to learn their purpose of using cloud services and the measures they have taken to secure their data.

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