7 App Design Trends That Will Dominate The Mobile Industry

The time has come again for all of us to get to know about some of the leading trends that will keep shaping the year 2015. It’s a no secret that app designing industry is trend drive, and therefore it’s crucial for the designers and entrepreneurs alike to stay up-to-date with the changes that are happening in the industry and thus avoid running an outdated website.

In this article, we will talk about all the major app design trends which we can expect over the upcoming year. If you want to see what trends I have mentioned here then keep on reading this article and know what the future actually holds.


1. Simplicity of the Design

With simplicity, we don’t mean that the app design will be plain, but designers will follow better usability as well as utility practices with the motive of making the user experience as seamless as possible. Apps will look more uncluttered and designers will avoid adding useless information that is not required by the user. Designers have grown mature these days and they understand well it’s only the user who decides what is actually needed on a design and not what they think or feel. Since, mobile applications serve an important function to the user and they are actually true users of an app, it is important to accommodate and address their needs and not yours.

2. Use of Bold and Gradient Colors with Subtle Effect

Colors are increasingly becoming a potent tool for the designers to soup-up the  appearance of their website. Initially most of the apps were created for the touch screen devices and most of them were an imitation of what Apple developed for its native iOS applications. This is an obvious act and justifiably so because most of the components were the part of Xcode’s Interface Builder.

But what actually surprised us when we observe how focus had got shifted from the iPhone blue and gradient strip background to bold primary colors and gradients. This is something which added to the popularity of its glossy button we witnessed during the time of web 2.0. Strategically adopted color scheme can really make a difference in arousing emotions from the user. They stimulate responses and make them explore the app better.

3. Mobile Event Apps Will Take The Stage

These days, nearly everyone, even those who are technically weak are carrying a Smartphone. The usage of mobile phones during events has increasingly becoming popular and mobile event app providers are looking forward to expand and redefine its options. The development work is already going on to replace much of the existing processes and paper work including agendas, attendee, course notes etc., to provide an efficient way of handling events.

4. Rich Texture

Apart from the trend of bold and primary colors, the designers of mobile applications are shifting their focus to play around with impressive textures and patterns to spruce up the application background. Some of the leading textures like Wood panels and semi-transparent menus will become all the more valuable.

5. Great Looking Typography

Typography goes beyond simply using Comic Sans. In fact, there are so many designers who are just ignoring the use of typical fonts- and instead have started giving priority to mature and professional font types, which look better used on the website. A right typography helps in enhancing the readability of your app and helps users perceive whatever the content is provided on it.

6. App Privacy

No matter whether you are designing applications for Android or iPhone, the trend is to pay high attention to the app privacy. People are continually witnessing a massive influx of privacy invasion for a considerable amount of time, and thus making the app users highly frustrated. Designers and developers both need to ensure that whatever the app they are providing to their users is absolutely secure from the unwanted elements. A highly secure app instills trust and maintains a strong customer base.

7. Clean Gradients and Shadows

There are some trends in mobile app design which are directly imitated from the trends followed by the web designing industry. One of them is the use of clean and minimalist design. This is evident particularly with menu and navigational headings. Designers are no longer following the standard design provided by iOS and Android- instead they choose to design their own layouts for a more elegant look.


All the above mentioned trends are expected to shape the upcoming year with some few more tweaks. Designers will become more innovative and keep on renovating which is already existing to offer something new and fresh to their app users.

Author Signature: Addison Cohen is a iPhone app developer working with Appsted – Mobile development company. He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies like iOS, android development processes.

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