6 Handy tips on creating super stunning iOS7 icons

Every Apple iOS release brings along a wide array of improvements in terms of app and icon design strategies. Whether you are planning to build a simple, straightforward app icon or want to opt for developing an app icon that’s been loaded with eye-catchy embellishments; there’s a design strategy which you need to follow without fail. With the recently released iOS7 version, you can get a whole new direction for developing flat and thin design style iOS7 app icons. This blog serves as a quick guide for all the readers who’re about to venture into the world of iOS7 app icon designing.

Tip#1- Stay informed about what others are doing

As one of the most fundamental activities that need to be performed for coming up with an absolutely appealing iOS7 app icon is conducting a detailed research. Prior to starting off with the iOS icon designing task, it is recommended to get a vibe of what your competitors are doing. Check out for the app icon designing trends that are being followed by other iOS designers. Also, make a good note of the iconography that’s being followed by your fellow designers. This will allow you to fetch some great ideas for your iOS7 app icon designing project.

Tip#2-Make an appropriate use of grid

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A huge majority of Apple iOS designers has been benefited from the use of a grid layout. If you too are planning to build an iOS7 app that looks unified on the app’s home screen, then you should proceed ahead with the use of a grid. Moreover, you may also opt for breaking the grid to go ahead with customizing the icon your way.

Tip#3- Pay attention to the count of characters that need to go into the app icon’s name

It is crucial to note that the default text size for an app icon name has slightly changed in iOS7, as compared to the one followed in iOS6. For example, if your app icon name contains a space, then it is advised to replace the regular space with a thinner space.

Tip#4- Include the use of recognizable metaphors

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Since the icons are seen as smaller sized objects, it is always better to stick to usage of one of two easily recognizable metaphors. That means, you can opt for using a 100% unique color for your iOS7 icon. One important point to be noted here is that the metaphor should be easily recognized via its specific identity and its working. Proficient iOS7 icon designers also emphasize on performing a good research on the colors and metaphors that need to be included within the icon. All this will ensure that the users need not enter into any sort of guess work when it comes to distinguishing your app icon from a crowd of iOS7 app icons available in the market.

Tip#5- Avoid including a glossy effect in your iOS7 app icon

If you have been into a regular habit of using a glossy effect in your iOS app icons, then it is recommended to eliminate the usage of the same while designing app icons for iOS7. The reason for this being that the UIPrerenderedIcon key(also called the “Icon already includes gloss effect”) doesn’t have any meaning in iOS7. However, if you still want a glossy effect in your iOS7 app icon, you just need to embed the same in your chosen set of app icon resources.

Tip#6- Go ‘Bold’ with your app icon’s contrast

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As a healthy approach to designing an icon that can gather many eye-balls, you need to go ‘bold’ with your icon’s contrast. By using a bold contrast in your iOS app icon designs, you can add a tint of brightness and fun into your icons. Whether it’s about marking bright boundaries, using expressive colors or clear lines; as an iOS7 icon designer, you need to pay individual attention to each and every tweak that is being made to the icon’s overall design.

Summing it all up

Seeking perfection during iOS7 app icon design process isn’t a new line of thinking. Every iOS7 designer actually wants his/her app icon to stand out from a crowd and for this he/she is willing to go beyond boundaries. With the above mentioned handy tips, I’m quite sure developing an awesome app icon for iOS7 powered devices won’t appear as a nightmare anymore.

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