5 Tips to Improve your Email Marketing from Mobile-Friendly Emails

Today, more and more people are likely to read and respond to emails over mobile devices. So, it is a high time where marketers need to create responsive emails to boost opens, click-through & responses. With the rapid growth of significant mobile emails, it is important to provide same experience to all the viewers, regardless of device on which email is being viewed. Thus, marketers are struggling to launch a highly-responsive mobile friendly email communications with every small factor in mind.

The studies have shown that around 43% of emails is read over mobile-phones, which is expected to increase to more than 50% by the end of 2013. With the rapid advancement in mobile market, emails need to be mobile-device ready to ensure that your promotional emails are effective, even if viewed on mobile phones. Mobile-friendly emails have made it easy to check emails anytime, anywhere without being restricted to the desktop and laptop.

We have discussed below a few essential tips to ensure that our emails render correctly on desktop as well as mobile-phones:

  • Simple & To The Point Content:

Both the design and content must be kept as concise as possible regardless of where  emails are directed as the users are least interested in going through lengthy articles. Short and to the point email works effectively on mobile devices. So, it is beneficial to focus on essentials and keep the design clean and simple.

  • Stick To Single Column Layout:

It is the best approach to stick to the single column fluid layout that makes your content adaptable to all screen sizes. With multi-column layout ( i.e. 2 or more columns), every time the readers need to zoom and scroll on their device to see everything, which can be annoying sometimes to be unable to view the email at first glance. So, multi-column layout never work on mobile.

  • Clear Call To Action:

Be as concise as possible and include single & clear call to action. It must be placed near the top of email. Make sure that the users can easily head towards the way you want to lead them. Be it the purchase page or sign-up (sign-up) form. There is a risk of losing visitors attention, if it is hard to click on. Just make sure that the link or button is easy visible, so that it is easier to find and click on. Make the call of action loud and clear, regardless of action you want your users to take.

  • Brief Content With Legible Font Size:

The content should be brief enough to be viewed at first glance that leads to high click-through and conversion rate. Font-size should be minimum 13 pixels and a bit larger for heading and sub-heading. Also, it is recommended to use strong color contrast like dark colored text on light background. Make sure that the size of font is legible such that the important message is easily visible, thus eliminating risk of losing readers.

  • Avoid Images:

It is a great idea to preview your email and make sure that it looks perfect even without displaying the images. Try to use the images that are necessary to the email because only Apple’s iOS displays images by default, while others including Android, Smartphones turn images off by default. If the email has a lot of images, then it will leave blocks of white spaces. So, you can include image descriptions to inform people about what the image is, even when none of the image is displayed.

Email marketing is a vital part of internet marketing. Among millions of people viewing and responding email on Smart phones, Androids, etc., mobile-friendly email is a vast priority.

Author Bio: Daniel Peterson is a skilled web developer at EmailChopper, which is well-known to provide best PSD to HTML Email conversion service. He likes to share creative ideas and knowledge that are useful for solving various issues to email marketing.

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