2015 Web Design Trends

2015 Web Design Trends


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New design developments 

Web design is a prominent and promising field to work in, but it is a fast changing and evolving branch that goes through changes a lot. However, it is important to notice the trends that will come out in order to stay ahead of competition. Moreover, be prepared to learn and adapt quickly, as it is a necessary skill to stay in the web design game. The new year will definitely bring about changes that will greatly influence the Internet and how we use it.

Keep the design human

It is important to realize that even though web design is about creating the perfect web page, it does not mean that everything has to be computer made. Creating letters, and special font as part of the responsive web design is crucial; it will mean that the designers poured in their time and effort to create a webpage of good quality. Remember that behind every hand lettering there is a talented web designer, and it is not part of a computer generated font.

Creating unique navigation menus

Navigation menus are usually the part that leaves the first impression, and in order to have people come back to the page, it is important to create truly great and unique navigational menus. With new technologies at the web designers’ disposal it is easy to create engaging and interesting webpages that will guarantee clicks and visits. However, it is important to utilize the new and dynamic animations and menu options.


Designed by Freepik

Making the web mobile friendly

The Internet is now accessible by almost everyone who has some kind of an electrical device capable of going online. Web design should make new pages so that they can be part of omni channel retailing. For designers it is imperative that they incorporate responsive and dynamic design into their creation; otherwise they will be left behind by the fierce competition. In essence, designers will have to rethink their approach to how webpages are created.

Make the illustrations count

Although it is possible to create digital images, hand-drawn illustrations are more valued in web design as they add an element of the human touch. Moreover, by implementing this, it is possible to give the website more unique connection with the visitors; making every experience truly unique and different than the previous one. Furthermore, hand-drawn design is always a great way to spice up any website, as it will make it more appealing to the customers.

AI driven web design

Perhaps the most innovative trend to gain speed is an AI driven web designer. Although it is feared that these software could take over the design industry, it is only meant to be developed in order to help the ways of web design in general. Their purpose is only to make creating webpages easier and more efficient; and the software is used to generate a flexible output of design based on the content that was used. Smarter design tools are developed in order to help web designers.

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