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Community: Open source forums vs paid forums

There has been a huge debate or whether you should use a free open source forum for your website or paid forum for your website. Many people have their opinions and thoughts on what they should use and what works best for them. In this article I will try my best to explain my opinion on this subject and hopefully give you a better option when choosing to go with paid or open source forums.

Understanding the fundamental of typography for the web: @font-face Part 2

Typography is a great thing to accomplish if you're looking to become a web designer or graphic designer. When first starting off it may seem as if you just can not get it together with line-height, what type of font to choose and etc. As you work with typography and fonts, and codes you start becoming interested in what can be done. Well in part 2 of this series I will introduce to many the @font-face technique. If you're not sure what font-face is or how to use it do not worry because after this article you should be ok.

College vs begin self taught. Do you really need college to be successful?

Many designers and developers despise the word college considering they already have what it takes to succeed in this world of design and development or at least that's what they believe. Concluding that comes to a main question, do you really need college to be a successful designer or developer?