Archives Monthly Archives: July 2010

Adding rounded corners to internet explorer 6,7, and 8 using CSS3

Adding rounded corners to IE using css3 was impossible considering Internet Explorer does not support css3. The only way to add rounded corners to IE was to create rounded corner images. Well today I will go over the techniques that will allow you to use rounded corners and IE web browsers.

Quicktip: Create an easy & simple paint splatter text using photoshop

Create text effect is quite fun. In today's quick tip I will show you guys how to create an awesome and easy paint splatter text effect using Photoshop. This technique can be used for many things so why not give it a try.

10 Amazing Featured Content & Image sliders That you can use for your next project

Finding the right featured image sliders for a project can be very difficult and time consuming. In this roundup I picked 10 of what I think are the best image sliders that you can use on your next project. The image slider can used for featured sliders, and content sliders. enjoy.

Create a clean elegant glass like typography wallpaper in photoshop

So I was messing around and photoshop and decided that I needed a tutorial for you Webdevians and came up with something that you all might love. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a very simple but clean glass like typography wallpaper. This tutorial should take no longer then 5-10 minutes so if you have the time why not give it a shot.

Future of web design: What’s in it for designers in the near future

I have seen and heard many designers talk about the future of web design and it seems many designers and developers are frustrated with whats currently going on in the web design world. In this article I will give my opinion on where I think web design will be in the near future.

Quicktip: How to insert a stylesheet into your HTML document

There are many people who are new to the web design field and have no idea how to insert a stylesheet externally or internally. In this quick tip I will show you multiple ways to insert your stylesheet into your HTML document.