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Quick Tip: How to target IE browsers using conditional stylesheets

Internet Explore (IE) can be very annoying if you're coding a website in Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari. As you may all know IE has many problems when it comes to designing and creating a website.

Create a creative cartoon & airbrush vector image using photoshop

Many Graphic designers have been wondering how can they achieve that cartoon/airbrush look that are displayed on mixtapes. Well the answer to that question has finally been answered... Try this tutorial its very easy. Only 5minutes of your time!

Freelancing: How to be more a more efficient web designer

Many web designers pressure themselves or get very overwhelm when they do not have a project completed on time. We all have been under pressure at some point in our lifetime whether from not meeting a deadline to finishing up on personal projects. Well you get the point..

Understanding the fundamental of typography for the web: Part 1

Typography is a very hard thing to accomplish when designing or coding for the web. In this article I will hopefully give you a better understanding of how to use typography and how you can avoid clutters paragraphs and unaligned text.